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Book review: The Great Panty Caper by Tawna Fenske

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JJ and Lori are two sisters who travel to Seattle. Lori is a fashion designer who’s supposed to attend the Pacific Northwest Fashion Trade Show. She designes handbags and now has a brand new product: a discreet pouch containing all things a woman needs during an unexpected romantic date. A handbag that contains lip gloss, a fresh pair of panties, a packet of make-up remover, a mini toothbrush with paste, ibuprofen, a pouch for cab fare and a breath mint. And there is the third companion, The Blue Cat, JJ’s pet, who constantly sleeps on Lori’s clothes spread all over the room.

When Lorie and JJ come back to the hotel room, Lori realises that her brand new design is missing. The panties are missing, but who on earth would steal underwear?

After constant arguing about Blue Cat sleeping on Lori’s clothes, JJ has previously decides to set up a video camera on her laptop to monitor the room. Seems it wasn’t a bad move after all, because the camera definitely captured something.

Is it Blue Cat?

Or is it someone else?

Who and why would steal panties, for god’s sake?

Ok, I haven’t read a book like this since I was a child. It’s a light-hearted read perfect to read after a long and draining day at the office. Or after a long day doing housework and running after the kids.

I loved both JJ and Lori, and definitely Blue Cat. They are all great and so easy to love. Their constant fights over trivial things were just too funny, but what I loved the most is the fact they stick to each other no matter what. They are great friends and the dialogues they had made me laugh so hard.

Overall, this is quite an entertaining read. It’s funny and easy to read, and I’m certain those who like chick lit and cozy mysteries will enjoy it.

My rating: 3.5/5

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