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Book review: Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

MAMA MIA! I have only two words for this book – SCORCHING HOT! Seriously, what is it about Sarah Morgan and her writing that makes my pulse race like crazy? There are just SO MANY things I love about her writing I honestly don’t know where to start. She’s got this super power to draw you in her books, with her wonderful description of mesmerizing, romantic places such as Snow Crystal in this case. Then, she serves you the most delicious, gorgeous, kindest men you could only dream about. And finally, there’s always such a strong chemistry between her characters, you can’t help but feel all fuzzy inside.

I’m not sure if any of this makes sense to you, but to me it does perfectly, as I assume it does to all others who have read Sarah Morgan’s books before. If you haven’t read at least one book by Ms Morgan, oh man… you’re missing out on so much. Why? Because there are contemporary romance authors, and then there’s Sarah Morgan, high on the pedestal governing the kingdom of contemporary romance.

I remember it like it was yesterday, that warm feeling after reading her first book. It was definitely love at first sight, or at first word. I simply knew I gotta read all her books, and though she’s published so many books I’m slowly working my way through them. As you see, I’m a huge fan of Ms Morgan and of course, I had high expectations for this book too. And once again, Ms Morgan proved me right, she simply can not disappoint!

Suddenly Last Summer is the second novel in what will be a trilogy and is centered around the O’Neils, mainly the three adorable, gorgeous, stunning, HOT HOT HOT brothers Jackson, Sean and Tyler. While the first part of this trilogy, ‘Snow Bells in The Snow’ is actually more about Jackson, in the second part we get to know Sean better. Sean is a successful doctor and a big workaholic. Unlike his 2 brothers who would rather be in Snow Crystal, running the family business and taking care of their property, Sean is not really keen on that place. When his grandfather, the big Walter O’Neil gets ill, he’s forced to go back to Snow Crystal and he dreads it. Ever since his father died, his relationship with his family, especially his grandfather, changed for worse. But family is the most important thing, right? However, would it feel weird to see Elise, the adorable Chef working for O’Neils, again after their fling last summer?

What I loved the most about this book (as with the first part) is the fact that it’s a book about family as much as its a romance book. The setting is perfect and the descriptions are so vivid, you will be immediately transported to this beautiful place, far from the city madness. As for the protagonists, Elisa and Sean, they are both such strong and independent characters, yet each of them has demons from the past haunting them. The fact they’re both so strong and very stubborn, made their romance absolutely electrifying. And once again, Ms Morgan takes things step by step, pulling you into their turbulent romance, keeping you guessing how things will turn up for them at the end.

I really enjoyed this part, however I must say it took me some time to warm up to Elise. She seemed very very stubborn at the beginning, but once I found out the reasons for her attitude, some things started to make more sense. Still, if I compare it to the first part, I must say Kayla (the MC in the first part) left a bigger impression on me and even got under my skin.

The third (and unfortunately the last) part in this series is coming out in October and I can’t wait to read it and be back to Snow Crystal once again. I don’t know what Ms Morgan has in store for us next, but I’m damn sure it’s gonna be brilliant.

My rating: 4/5


Book review: Once upon a Christmas by Sarah Morgan


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

WHAT? Surprised I’m still reading Christmas books? Well don’t be, because I really don’t care if it’s February, July or December. I can read Christmas books all year round. Especially if they are written by Sarah Morgan! Last year I read Sleigh Bells in the Snow and I absolutely fell in love with Sarah’s writing, so when I was asked to review this book, I really couldn’t be happier. There’s something so warm, so comforting in reading Christmas books, no wonder I’m so addicted to them.

Once Upon a Christmas is indeed a light and feel-good festive read with all essential elements a good Christmas book should have. The cover is stunning and the writing is wonderful. What I found most interesting is the fact it’s divided into two parts, telling two stories but they are well connected. The first story is about Bryony and Jack and the second one is centered around Bryony’s brother Oliver and her good friend Helen. So that’s a really strong connecting and both stories flow, perfectly intertwined around these 4 characters.

The two stories are a bit different, of course because these couples are different, so you might end up liking one better than the other. In my case, I wasn’t really fascinated with Jack as a character, I hated the fact he called Bryony ‘Blondie’ and really found it so irritating at times. But him and Bryony do share a long history, the fact they know each other for 20 years. Yet I didn’t like him calling her that way, it just seemed a bit disrespectful, but Jack is Jack…once you get to know him, you’ll realize he doesn’t have bad intentions, and is really fond of Bryony and her sweet daughter.

Helen and Oliver were a completely different story. While Bryony is trying really hard to find a man, Helen is doing everything but. She’s been very hurt in the past, so I could really understand her fears. But Helen and Oliver seemed more likable couple and I enjoyed their story more.

As usual when it comes to Sarah, the romance part was well and gradually built and the chemistry between her characters is electrifying. Bryony’s little girl was such a sweetie and her wish to have a dad for Christmas brought me nearly to tears.

Overall, this was a fun and enjoyable read. It reads really fast, it’s fun and has lots of romance. So, if you’re looking for an enjoyable read with lots of romance that will keep you warm on this cold winter days, this is the perfect book for you.

My rating: 3.5/5


All I Want For Christmas: Day 23 – Book review: Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

I CAN NOT BELIEVE I just recently discovered Sarah Morgan’s books.  I mean, just look at the number of books she’s written so far, and look at their ratings!!

I indeed deserve to be hit with a stick for not reading at least one of Sarah’s books before, but boy oh boy am I glad I got the chance to start with this one. ‘Sleigh Bells in the Snow’ is a FANTASTIC read! It’s a perfect festive read full of Christmas magic and an absolutely charming romance book you MUST read.

Honestly people, I adored EVERYTHING about it. From the mesmerizing setting and the wonderful vivid descriptions of Snow Crystal, to totally lovable characters you won’t be able to forget.

Kayla Green is our heroine and she’s the associate vice president of Tourism and Hospitality and she’s the typical workaholic. She stays long hours, avoiding parties and despising everything about festivities. One day she’s assigned to go to Snow Crystal Resort to help out the O’Neils with their marketing strategy. Of course, she sees this as a wonderful opportunity to get away from her company and all the Christmas madness, and spend few quiet days with her mobile and laptop…of course, working. But things start changing as soon as she meets Jackson O’Neil, who’s not only a successful businessman but also drop dead gorgeous, athletic built and crazy about skiing (and everything wintery). All of a sudden she finds herself surrounded by the very things she wanted to escape from – Christmas cheer, family and feelings.

I really had no idea I will love Kayla so much. Honestly, she seemed like a bit of a scrooge at the beginning, though later on I could totally understand her reasons for such a behavior. She’s smart, beautiful, very down-to-earth person and I loved seeing her transform in front of my eyes. Once I found out the reasons for her resentment for everything Christmassy, I totally sympathized with her, and frankly I really wished I could give her a big big hug. But what I loved the most was the chemistry between Kayla and Jackson. It’s not the typical insta-love we get to see in so many other books. Yes, the attraction is there, yet the romance part is gradually built and the romance scenes are tastefully written. But you will be able to feel the chemistry which is simply pouring out of the pages. Unbelievable, I’ve read quite a few books and yet I am simply astonished with Sarah’s skills to create such an amazing romance read. Honestly, this is not only a perfect festive book, it’s a PERFECT BOOK. Period. The characters are fantastic and well developed, the writing is consistent, fantastic from the start to the very last page. I can guarantee you, you won’t be bored even for a second.

I totally, wholeheartedly, recommend this to EVERYONE! Seriously people, you’re missing out on a fantastic read! So, what are you waiting for? Head out to amazon or any other book store and get it fast! You won’t be sorry for sure! And there will be two more parts in this series and we’ll get to see some more from O’Neils, yay! Next book is coming out in Summer and I CAN NOT WAIT!

My rating: 5/5


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