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Book review: Escape For The Summer by Ruth Saberton




*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

This is my first Ruth Saberton book, but now after finishing it I can only say it certainly won’t be the last. I enjoyed the story so much that now I’m on a search of other books from Ms. Saberton. This story is anything but boring.

The plot is centered around three young women, Andi, Angel and Gemma. The three main characters are so hilarious, so adorable, yet at the same time very down-to-earth. Miranda (Andi) finds out that her boyfriend took all her money from her credit card. The same day when she discovers this, she loses her job and comes home earlier, just to find out that Tom is sleeping with the neighbor next door.What else can go wrong?

Andi’s little sister, Angelique or Angel, works as an beautician. She is not very happy with her rich Russian customer who seems that can never be pleased. And that lady has a huge mole on her face that’s very very hard not to stare at. But this time the mole looks swollen. After her mother died from skin cancer, Angel is very concerned about this thing. To tell or not to tell? The Russian lady is very offended so Angel loses her job.

Angel’s best friend Gemma is an actress. But working on TV means each day she faces one tough competition with all those skinny models. She loves to bake, eat and naturally seems to always struggle with her weight.

What happens when all your ships sink? You go back to the last place where you were happy and try to start all over again.

The plan is to go back to the Rock, the place Andi and Angel used to visit for the summer. Here they can relax and make some plans for the future. While Andi wants nothing but to chill and move on with her life, Angel thinks of finding the best way to grab herself a millionaire. Gemma wants to enter that realty TV show for losing weight that is located on the Rock.

Escape For The Summer is very enjoyable read. You’ve got everything here, from famous and rich people,  to TV celebrities. You might find out that behind all those titles and TV masks are just ordinary people who are trying to be happy. And these three women accidentally put themselves in so many hilarious situations. So, if you need a read that can make you escape your reality and make you feel like you’re vacationing with your best friends, this is the perfect read for you.

My rating: 4.5/5




All I Want For Christmas: Day 12 – Book review: Weight Till Christmas by Ruth Saberton

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

I’ve always been a sucker for books with plus sized heroines. It could be because I myself have always struggled with my weight, so it’s always really easy for me to connect with these characters.
Ellie is a saleswoman and she’s very good at her job. However, she’s not been recognized for her hard work..sadly, she thinks the reason for that is because she’s not good looking. She’s had a rather difficult year, break ups, funerals and now someone else is getting the credit (and a big promotion) for all her hard work.And there’s Sam, her fabulous colleague who’s so much fun and becomes her dieting buddy. Will Ellie’s life become better and easier if she looses those extra pounds?

It’s quite a short read so I’m really afraid I’ll spoil it for you if I say something more about the plot. However, the topic might seem fluffy but it’s rather serious. It speaks about how people can get obsessive about their looks and how the society reacts to those that are not ‘perfect’. It’s so silly to think one can be perfect, and yet here we are, most of us never pleased with the way we look, striving to be thinner, look younger…it’s a never ending cycle and oh so tiring.

I admit, there were times I wanted to give Ellie a good shake, make her realize she’s trying too damn hard. Her lack of self esteem got me damn annoyed, but I still could understand her and definitely sympathized with her. I cheered for her and hoped she’ll get her Christmas miracle, because she deserves it. I loved watching her grow and transform.

Overall, this really was an enjoyable read. I just wish it was a bit longer though. I would definitely love to see more of Ellie and Sam. I’ll be checking out Ruth’s other novels too, I’ve heard all of them are fun.

My rating: 3/5


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All I Want For Christmas Day 11 with Ruth Saberton

Today we have the honour and pleasure to welcome another great chick lit author to our blog, Ruth Saberton. Ruth has recently published her novella ‘Weight Till Christmas’ (which we will be reviewing soon) and today she’s here to talk about her Christmas in the Caribbean. Enjoy!

ImageIt’s Christmas? Already? Now I know I must be getting old because I’m sure it was only the other day that we packed the car with gifts and headed up the M5 for the annual family Festive visit.  One mountain of food, a slump in front of the Telly and sugar high Jeb Cawlis could BASE jump from later and it’s home again to untangle fairy lights and shove the tree back into the loft. I’m sure I only just put them back!

If last year somebody had told me that fast forward 12 months I’d be living in the Caribbean I would have laughed out loud. I was happy in Cornwall, loved my job in a local school and had three horses to look after.  Moving away was not on my agenda at all.  But life has a strange habit of throwing a curve ball at you and her I now am living on Grand Cayman in sweltering heat and writing novels under the Caribbean sun.

There’s something very surreal about driving along in blazing sunshine with the air conditioning cranked up and while listening to Christmas music on the radio.  Chestnuts might be roasting on an open fire in Europe but the only thing cooking in Cayman is the jerk pork smoking on the roadside barbeques.  Yuletide carols aren’t so much sung by choirs as rejigged as reggae anthems and nobody would be daft enough to dress up like an Eskimo.  When it’s thirty-two degrees all mention of sleigh bells and white Christmases seem as real to my daily life as a trip to the moon.  So when I began to think about all I want for Christmas I had to think very hard – you don’t need much more here than a bikini and sunscreen!  Life is certainly a lot simpler.  Who needs ipads and Xboxes and designer clothes when the turquoise sea and icing sugar sand is free to be enjoyed?  And although we have so many shops here that I could buy diamonds and Rolexes all day long (if I was a millionaire like so many people here!) I have no desire for anything like that.

I guess my Christmas wishes are not for material things at all but instead for something far less tangible.   Being far away from home at Christmas is hard and I do miss everyone.  My Yuletide wish would be to have my friends and family visit me here and spend some time in this beautiful place.  I’d love my brother to feel the warm sun on his bad back and for my nieces and nephews to swim in the bath water warm sea.  I’d like nothing more than to see all my loved ones here and share the island with them.

Then there are my writing dreams too.  If Santa could make those come true then I would love to write full time in 2014.  Nothing makes me happier than telling stories and hearing how much my readers enjoy them.  I’d love to be able to devote all my working day to writing.  My new book will be out in the spring too and I’d love to reach lots of new readers.

And finally – if Santa does read this – I asked for a pony when I was eight and I’m still waiting! I don’t have a chimney here so delivery is easy – just leave him on the balcony…

Merry Christmas! xx

About Ruth Saberton

ImageI always knew I wanted to be a writer. From an early age I was busy filling note books with stories and rather than hero worshiping Wham and reading Just 17 (which ages me!) Rather than George and Andrew my heroes were Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins. Several failed attempts at bodice rippers later, I turned my attention to romance and now focus on writing romantic comedies. My debut novel, ‘Katy Carter Wants a Hero’ was championed by Richard and Judy and nominated for the RNA’s Romantic Comedy of the Year Award as well as being described by Heat Magazine as, ‘the heir apparent to Bridget Jones’. I write under her own name, but also have several pen names, which include Jessica Fox, Georgie Carter, Holly Cavendish and Lucy Hepburn. My boyfriend says he has many women all rolled into one!

I am published by Orion, Pan Macmillan, Harper Collins and Notting Hill Press. Although I love the UK, I now live in the beautiful Caribbean where I continue to write romances, teen novels and planning that bodice ripper!

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