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Book review: Chaperones by Megan Karasch


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review. *

Since I read her debut, Tales from My Hard Drive, back in 2011 (the novel was published 2010), Megan Karasch has been on my list of favorite authors and top 5 chick lit authors. I was absolutely fascinated with her writing and sense of humor. Don’t believe me? Then check My review .
Needless to say, I was over the moon when I heard she has a new book coming out. AFTER 2 LONG YEARS, I WOULD READ A BOOK BY MS. KARASCH. (Excuse the caps lock, it’s just the excitement). I had to read it and had to read it soon! However, I did feel slightly nervous when I received my copy and started reading it. I guess all of you who review books by your favorite authors know that feeling. Will the book that you’ve been dying to read, live up to your expectations? Yeah, I bet you know what I mean.
Anyway, after reading it I felt relieved, there was no need to stress out. The book was everything I expected it to be, it was fun and enjoyable. The perfect summer read!
What I love the most in Megan’s writing is the fact that she successfully fights all chick lit cliches, and creates uber-fun books with characters who feel so real. She doesn’t bother readers with detailed descriptions of physical appearances of her characters, or brands of clothes and shoes they’re wearing. Instead, she concentrates on how/what her characters are feeling, and let me tell you, it’s maybe because of this that her characters feel so real. They are imperfect, just like any of us. It’s so so easy to connect to them, like them, sympathize with them, laugh with (and AT) them.

And now about Chaperones
The plot of this book is centered around Andrea, and her trip to England. She works as a photographer and her trip to England seems to be what she really needs, not only for her carrier, but also for keeping her sane.
You see, her parents are overprotective, and I mean, over overprotective, and yeah, maybe even a bit paranoid.
So, when her magazine sends her to England to take some photographs, she’s beyond the moon to leave her lunatic parents and embark on a great adventure.
There are so many things which I loved about this book.
First off, I’m absolutely on Team Andrea, rooting for her from the beginning. She’s sweet and charming, not to forget funny and some of her comments (and actions) made me laugh out loud.

The side characters were also well developed. Rob and Harry are the two chaperones which were assigned to help out Andrea in her task. They were really funny, especially by the end of the book when there are a lot of crazy things happening.
Andrea’s parents..oh boy, they annoyed me so much at the beginning, but by the end of the book I saw a whole new side to them.

But what I maybe loved the most were the descriptions of England, the stunning architecture, all the great castles and cathedrals.. WOW! I mean, just WOW!

To summarize, I thoroughly enjoyed Chaperones and it really was worth the wait. I just hope Ms Karasch will surprise us all with a new book any time soon, because I sure can’t wait. (Please Ms. Karasch don’t make me wait for another two years, pleaseeeee!!!)

My rating: 4/5