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All I Want For Christmas Day 18 with Lorraine Wilson + International Giveaway

Hey hey dear readers, today we have the pleasure of welcoming another great author to This Chick Reads, Lorraine Wilson. She’s the author of the Chalet Girl Series, and tomorrow is releasing the latest part ‘Revenge of a Chalet Girl’. Today she’s here to talk about Christmas (of course) and a bit about her main heroine in ‘Revenge of a Chalet Girl‘ Amy. BUT! That’s not all, lovely Lorraine has a very awesome surprise for all our readers, an international giveaway of a beautiful Revenge of a Chalet Girl bag (info about entering found at the end of the post). So, my lovelies, enjoy Lorraine’s post and best of luck to you all. Lorraine thank you so much for visiting our blog and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway.

I’m in Switzerland at the moment researching and writing my next Chalet Girl novella. While I spend a lot of time here, this year is the first Christmas I’ll celebrate in Switzerland and for me the setting is perfect – thick swirling snowflakes, roaring log fires, hot tubs and chocolat chaud…
I’ll also be visiting the Christmas markets on the lakeshore at Montreux . Chateau Chillon even holds its own medieval Christmas market and you can take the cog railway up the mountain past snow-laden fir trees to see Père Noël –
If you like the sound of it why not go along with my heroine Amy in ‘Revenge of a Chalet Girl’? All she wants for Christmas is revenge but she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.
As a special Christmas present I’m giving away a Revenge Chalet Girl bag to one lucky reader (international comp). To enter either leave a comment here on the blog starting with ‘All I want for Christmas is a Chalet Girl bag…’ 
Or copy & tweet the following – #alliwantforxmasisachaletgirlbag @ThisChickReads @RomanceMinx
The competition closes at midnight on 24th December 2013, GMT
I hope you all have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS 🙂
About Lorraine Wilson
I write flirty, feel-good fiction for Harper Impulse, a Harper Collins imprint and I live in Wiltshire, England, with my husband but love to travel and have lived in four continents. From playing amidst Roman ruins in Africa as a child to riding a Sultan’s racehorse as a teen I’ve many experiences to draw on for the stories I’ve been writing ever since I can remember.When I’m not writing you’ll find me listening to audiobooks while I sew or design handbags, usually with a rescue terrier or two curled up at my feet.
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All I Want For Christmas: Day 17 – Book review: Revenge of a Chalet Girl by Lorraine Wilson

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

When Amy finds out that her ex is among the guests at the Chalet Repos where she works, she decides that it’s time for revenge. The very person responsible for her depression is here, and he is getting married. With someone else. So it’s time for payback.

Amy seems like a nice person, very emotional, very moral. When her fiance left, she tottaly cracked. After the breaking up and a death in the family, Amy feels depressed.  She find herself in a state that cannot dissapear over a night, so years after she still struggles with the consequences.  When she finally manages to pick up the broken pieces of herself, her ex appears again, this time with a new bride.  Luckily  Amy has two of her best friends to look after her and cheer her up. The revenge is actually their idea. The bastard has to pay.

But it seems that Jacob is not a bad guy at all. He made some bad decisions and the timing simply wasn’t right. Seeing Amy after many years, opens up old wounds, but his bride doesn’t deserve this. He made a promise to her, and he’ll keep it. But feeling Amy so close is still such a good feeling…

Overall I liked the book, it is very well written and I liked the writing style. However, I had few issues with the characters, especially Amy, the main character. At first I liked her, then I didn’t, than again she would win my heart.  It all felt kind of confusing really. She seems like a nice person but not much of s strong character. It was really hard for me to connect with her and understand her and her actions. Still, it’s a light and short read I’m sure many will enjoy.

My rating: 3/5


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