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Book review: Casting The Net – Volume 1 by Julie McDowall

*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

I haven’t heard of Julie McDowall until recently when I was contacted by her for reviewing this book. Usually, I read very carefully the blurbs of those books I am requested to review, because I sure don’t want to end up reading a book (and not enjoying it at all) just for the sake of reviewing it. Life is too short for that, right?
Well, I checked the blurb and have to admit I immediately thought ‘Oh, this one is definitely a fun read’. And it really was, but still I had few issues, hence the 3* rating.

But before telling you a bit more about the things I liked/disliked about Casting the Net let me tell you this – Julie is one brave woman! I mean it, she really is!
As you can read from the blurb, the author actually blogs about her online dating experience (which she also shares in this book), but unfortunately I still haven’t had the chance to check her site. However, now after reading this fun book I will probably do it.
So, basically in this book she gives us an insight of her pretty crazy dating life, specifically her online dating experience. I’m telling you, the author is really brave for sharing with us all those details, and I can’t help but admire her because she’s so honest to the world.

What I LOVED about this book is the humor! Some of the situations she’s telling us about are simply hilarious. On few occasions I even had tears in my eyes from all the laughing. I couldn’t help but think, OMG, I would LOVE to be friends with Julie, she seems like such an amazing and fun person to hang out with.
As some of the reviewers have already said, this book is really hard to put down. I didn’t even want to go to sleep, because I wanted to read more about all the weirdos Julie has dated, talked to, kissed, about all the situations she’s been in and how she had handled them. AND TO LAUGH. I really need to stress this out – prepare to laugh like crazy.
I rooted for her, I sympathized with her, I laughed with her. At the very end, I was even sad I finished reading and sure wished this book was longer.

However, there were few things which I disliked about it. Ok, so Julie is fun, Julie the character, Julie the person behind this book… SHE IS FUN, and obviously very smart, but sometimes I really couldn’t understand her and the choices she made. Also, I couldn’t understand her need to be so attracted to weird wrong men. I mean, she’s perfectly aware of their faults and yet she continues to choose odd over normal.

Overall, this was such an easy read and really fun book. If you love books about online dating, books full of humor and real experiences on this topic, or you just need some light funny read to dive into, well this book would be perfect for you. I am most definitely looking forward to reading the next Volume, and hope it will be out any time soon.

My rating: 3/5