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Cover Reveal: My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero by Emily Haper

Today we have the pleasure to take part in the cover reveal for Emily Harper‘s ‘My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero’. We are way too excited to read it and it’s no secret we are HUGE fans of Emily’s. We absolutely loved her two previous books ‘White Lies’ and ‘Checking Inn’ and totally recommend them to everyone enjoying a fun read with loads of LOL moments. Ok, now the moment we’ve all being waiting for, the cover and the blurb, YAY!





Etty Lawrence is a bestselling romance author. At least- she would be if she could just get someone to read her books. Apparently, Amazon doesn t consider the 500 books purchased by your mother to be bestseller material. When Etty s given some simple advice from a friend- write what you know- she takes it to heart. But she’s never been in love before, and she doesn’t really have time to fall in love and write a novel at the same time. So, she convinces her slightly unwilling lifelong friend, Travis, to let her follow him around and witness real love, first hand. A third person memoir, if you will. Travis is the perfect hero for her story: he’s funny, smart, and good looking; only there’s one problem. He says all the wrong things. Does any girl really want to talk about the NHL trades? And his jokes would make a kindergarten class roll their eyes. But the worst part is, Travis’s dates laugh at his corny jokes; the jokes he told Etty first. They touch his sweater; the sweater Etty bought him. And the way these women swoon and gush over him…they obviously aren’t leading lady material. Now Etty has to take this love thing into her own hands if she has any hope of writing a bestseller that people other than her mother will buy.


My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero’ will be published by Writers to Authors on August 21st 2014.

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Book Review: Checking Inn by Emily Harper


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

And Emily Harper does it again! Once again she creates a fantastic page-turner with funny, brilliant characters.

I recently read Emily’s debut ‘White Lies’ and totally loved it. I’m so glad Emily didn’t disappoint me, and what’s even better she created a totally different story from her debut, adding mystery elements. So, ‘Checking Inn’ is great mixture of chick lit and cozy mystery, with lots of lovable characters you’ll root for.

The story is centered around Kate Foster, who runs the Summerside Inn with her hilarious mom. Now Kate and her mother can’t be more different. While Kate lives her life according to to-do lists and is a proud owner of an OCD, her mum seems to never do the right thing (even the tiniest things Kate tells her to do). I absolutely loved their dialogues and their relationship. They had me laughing out loud on so many occasions.

Kate practically lives for her Inn, she’s a workaholic and her dream is to make the Inn a fantastic plastic everyone will wan’t to visit. And she’s so close to fulfilling her dreams, till one day an acclaimed hotel critic arrives at the Inn and ends up dead. To make things worse, this acclaimed critic is no other than Samantha Manning, an evil bitch Kate has history with. Kate is terrified she’ll be No.1 suspect once everyone finds out that she and Samantha didn’t really get along (said mildly).

Things get even more serious when police steps in and Kate soon finds out she’s never been in a more difficult situation. Jail, losing her Inn..everything seems possible. She needs to prove she’s innocent as well as save her Inn, but boy, there will be lots of drama.

As I said, ‘Checking Inn’ is somewhat different to ‘White Lies’, there’s more drama and action, and I loved the fast pacing. I loved Kate from the minute I was introduced to her. I’m not actually like her, but she’s such a fun and funny person, you really can’t help but love her. I admit, there were times when I thought she cares too much about her Inn instead of the fact that someone she knew died, but once you understand her relationship with Samantha you might even approve of her behavior. And OMG, I hated Samantha, she’s way too arrogant and evil.

There’s a bit of romance too, but it’s not in the center of the story, and is rather gradually built. But that’s what I like most about Emily’s writing, she’s so subtle, adding just about enough romance to make the story better.

Overall, this was yet another brilliant chick lit novel by Emily Harper. She’s fast become one of my favorite chick lit authors and I can’t wait to read something new by her. She really knows how to create uberfun, easy to read stories with characters that will make you lough out loud. I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend both books by Emily Harper. Trust me, you’re gonna love them.

My rating: 4/5


Book review: White Lies by Emily Harper

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Well, well, well… Helen Fielding’s fans, Sophie Kinsella’s fans, there’s a new chick lit author ready to conquer the stage! Emily Harper might be new on the chick lit scene, but trust me, she KNOWS what readers want and what’s more important, this debut really feels like breath of fresh air.

I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since I saw the cover, which by the way I think is very chic and girly. When I was asked to review it, I couldn’t be happier. I mean, discovering new authors and brilliant fresh reads is the most interesting part of a blogger’s life.

I didn’t have any expectations, but I did have a strong feeling this will be a good chick lit read. I was close because it’s not just good, it’s FANTASTIC!

The story is centered around Natalie Flemming, an accountant in a shoe-designing company. Now Natalie is sure one of the loveliest, funniest, cutest MC I’ve read about lately. She’s just so upbeat, I could literally feel her energy bursting out of the pages.

She’s on her quest for Mr.Right and even decides to write an ad in the papers. But wait, she’s NOT desperate or whiny, so don’t you dare go that way. Once you meet Natalie you’ll see she’s one of the happiest fictional characters you’ve come across with.

But back to the story now and sorry for getting a bit distracted (it does happen when a book leaves a strong impression on me). Her company is going through some hard time and a new guy steps on the scene, Oliver, who’s supposed to get everything back on track. But the thing is, Natalie is not aware of who he is or why he’s been employed by the company. But she’s sure about one thing, he’s drop dead gorgeous and she might be a bit attracted to him. Seems both Natalie and the management of Makka (the shoe company she works for) will need to make some decisions while going through so many changes.

This is such a feel-good read, a typical summer read you’d definitely want to have on those lazy days offering you lots of laughs and fun. Natalie is a totally lovable character that will win you over from the first page. She’s like Kinsella’s Becky, but less obsessed with shopping (though she’s still mad about fashion). But there aren’t really that many references to brands (I remember only ones for Makka, which is fine considering it’s the company she works for). I’m saying this, because I’ve met many people who dislike this constant mentioning of brands in books, but in this case, you have nothing to fear my dears.

You’ll root for Natalie, you might even drool over Oliver (or the Makka shoes they design)…but anyway, you’ll devour this book in one sitting, I’m quite sure of that. It’s funny, easy read, hilarious at times, and will leave you with a big smile on your face. The romance part is brilliantly written and gradually built (which is very important for me) and each of these characters feel very real.

I wonder if the author is planning on a sequel? I’m not sure, but I do hope I get to see Natalie and Oliver once again. I loved them both THAT much!

In the mean time, I sure will be checking out Emily Harper’s new novel ‘Checking Inn’, because I’ve already heard fantastic comments. If you’re a chick lit fan or generally, looking for an easy and feel-good read that will make you relax after an exhausting day, THIS is the book for you.

My rating: 4.5/5

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