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2014 Netgalley Reading Challenge


The 2014 Netgalley Reading Challenge is hosted by Ariel Avalon, and it goes from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014. The goal of this challenge is to not only to read all those books we’ve requested from NetGalley but also to review them so as to get our feedback ratio up to the recommended 80%. I went to NetGalley today and literally got depressed the moment I saw my feedback ratio is only 13.6%! I guess my fingers were faster than my brain and I always seem to forget I already have other books I’m sent for a review by authors. But I literally was over the moon the minute I saw this challenge posted by my friend Kristin @alwayswithabook who also joined this challenge. So thank you Kristin and thank you Ariel for this challenge and fingers crossed I’ll get closer to those brilliant 80% we all want.
I’m joining at the Medium level, which means I need to read and review 6-10Netgalley books in 2014. I’ll keep track of them here. I think that’s manageable, and as a matter fact I already read and reviewed one book today (feedback ratio now at 15.9%) so GO ME!:)
Now at 18.2%! This challenge is working!
1. ‘The Parisian Christmas Bake Off’ by Jenny Oliver (1/10/14) Read my review here
2. ‘Fast Forward’ by Juliet Madison (1/13/14) Guest review @ChickLibraryCat Read my review here
3. ‘Doubting Abbey’ by Samantha Tonge (1/15/14) Read my review here
4. ‘Stuck in a Downward Dog’ by Chantel Guertin (1/16/14) Read my review here
5. ‘One Hot Mama’ by Erin Cox (1/17/14) Read my review here
6. ‘The Best Thing I Never Had’ by Erin Lawless Read my review here
7. ‘The January Wish’ by Juliet Madison Read my review here
8. ‘February or Forever’ by Juliet Madison (3/18/14) Read my review here
9. ‘Take Mum Out’ by Fiona Gibson (3/20/14) Read my review here
10. ‘If this is paradise, I want my money back’ by Claudia Carroll (1/20/14) Read my review here
11. ‘Ivy Lane:Spring’ by Cathy Bramley (5/4/14) Read my review here
12. ‘Four-Leaf Clover’ by Charmaine Ross (5/17/14) Read my review here
13. ‘In the Mirror’ by Kaira Rouda (5/27/14) Read my review here
14. ‘The Breakup Doctor’ by Phoebe Fox (6/17/14) Read my review here
15.  ‘The Life You Left’ by Carmel Harrington (6/22/14) Read my review here
16. ‘The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me’ by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice (6/23/14)  Read my review here
17. ‘The Teashop on the Corner’ by Milly Johnson (6/24/14) Read my review here
18. ‘The No-Kids Club’ by Talli Roland (7/4/14) Read my review here
EDIT – As you see I finished my challenge and read/reviewed 10 books! I’m really proud of myself for raising my feedback ratio from 13.6 to 33.3&. I know it’s still far from those ideal 80% we’re all striving for, yet it’s a small victory for me and definitely a motivation to speed things up with my NG copies. I’m definitely in for the next round of this challenge which is starting soon. Many thanks to Arial Avalon for the boost!
4/2 update: 
I decided to change my level of difficulty to HARDCORE, meaning I need to review +21 NG titles. Since I already read 10, I don’t think it will be much difficult for me to read +11 more till the end of the year. Anyway, wish me luck guys!