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So, ladies and gents, the last installment in the Click series by L. Becker is finally here. I must say I’m so sad, because I really REALLY got so connected to her characters and their LOL e-mails.

To those of you who are not familiar with Lisa’s series, let me tell you, you’re missing out on so much! Just like watching a re-run from Friends, this is truly a series you’re gonna love THAT much! So if you decide to give this series a chance (and I’m strongly recommending that), then make sure you read the books in order because there are many things in book 3 that are considered spoilers. Just thought I’d get it all out before you start reading my review.

I was more than thrilled to see these guys again, Renee, Shel, Ashley, Mark and thank god cassidy (see what I did there;)) is out of the picture. Their lives have changed, though they sure didn’t. Renee is still madly in love and ready to marry, Shel is nutty and sassy as always and Ashley has just welcomed the birth of her baby girl. As you see, they all have so much going on in their life, however what hasn’t been changed is their friendship, growing stronger each day despite years and distance. I honestly think friendships like this are really hard to find, and couldn’t help but be jealous of their strong bonding, of the fact they support each other on everything and are always there for each other. Life is really miserable without supporters or people who’d make this journey more fun, because life IS supposed to be fun, right?

Although I haven’t had the chance to read that many novels written in the form of e-mail correspondence, I must say I think Lisa did an amazing job. Her writing is easy to follow and once you meet the characters it’s going to be easy to distinguish their e-mails. So Shel is the naughty one always trying to make sex jokes and boy, she’s hilarious. Ashley is the motherly type, one who always worries and is a bit of a prude. Mark is a sweet, honest guy, and I wish there were more of his e-mails in this part. While Renee is the strong connection between them all, updating friends on everything, keeping the ball down in case some of them get into a silly row, especially Shel and Ashley.

Though it’s a LOL read full of fresh humor, there were some parts that really were sad and emotional, but I would really hate pointing them out because I don’t want to spoil it for you. 

Overall, this was (as expected) very enjoyable and funny book. I know many people will love it and relate to the characters, so as I said, I’m really sad there won’t be more stories about them. But I do hope Lisa will decide, at some point, to continue this series. I mean, Sophie Kinsella announced recently a 7th part of her Shopaholic series, so I don’t see a reason why Lisa shouldn’t change her mind. I genuinely care for these characters and one day, I wish Lisa decides to get them back, maybe once they get older. Now that would truly be funny, Shel at 50 or 60!!! Can’t help but giggle at the thought! 

Ok, wrapping up, though I could talk for hours when it comes to this series. I seriously think you should check it out.

My rating: 4/5



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