Book review: The Love Detective by Alexandra Potter



*Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I’m a HUGE fan of Alexandra Potter and I’m proud to say I’ve read (and own) almost all of her novels. The very first book I read by her was ‘You’re The One That I Don’t Wan’t’ and it was that brilliant book that made me fall in love with Ms. Potter and her beautiful writing. The thing is, no matter how many books by Potter you read, you can never get enough of her charm, humor and magical stories. Having that said, I was beyond thrilled to get the opportunity to read/review this book and even weeks after I read it, I still can’t get it out of my mind. That’s always good my friends, right?

Though I had high expectations, I was literally blown away by this book. It tells the story of Ruby Miller, a romance writer who just got her heart broken by her cheating, lying boyfriend. How inconvenient right? To earn your living writing romance, at times when you have zero faith in love and men! After being advised by her lovely agent to take a short (yet much needed) break from writing and home, she decides to leave for Goa, India. She’ll have the opportunity to visit a fabulous new country, see her sister Amy (who she misses so much) and come back fresh with loads of writing ideas.

But things get a bit complicated at the time she’s about the leave India. Her sister, whom she’s to meet at the airport, stands her off telling her she’s marrying Shine, her yoga instructor and is staying in India. Ruby has been taking care of her little sister for all her life, and though Amy has always been the sassy one, Ruby simply can not allow her to make such a HUGE mistake. So, she decides (once again) she’s to ‘save’ her sister even if she has no clue where exactly in India she is.

That’s when the real adventure for Ruby begins, followed by loads of very awkward and funny situations.

I truly loved every second of this book. It’s one of these rare books you admire everything about. The cover is gorgeous and eye catchy, and I don’t know of a single soul who hasn’t commented this is one of the most gorgeous covers they’ve ever seen. Second (and yes, most important) is the lovely story which is beautiful written, charming, interesting and will keep you glued to it’s pages. The fresh, efortless humor is one of the things I really admire Potter for. Everything just flows perfectly! The pacing is fast and there’s just so many things going on, making it a real page turner. Ruby and Jack are wonderful characters you’ll root for, despite the fact Jack seemed a bit annoying at first (both for Ruby and me).

But, I absolutely applaud to Ms. Potter for the beautiful, vivid descriptions of India! I LOVE that country and definitely want to visit it one day, to see the beautiful Taj Mahal and be mesmerized by it’s greatness. Ahhh, that would be wonderful! But in a way, I saw it through Ms. Potter’s (and Ruby’s) eyes, I was transported to India and oh so loved the adventure!

Overall, (and I say this rarely) this is a MUST read for all chick lit fans! Just like each of her previous ones, this book is wonderful WONDERFUL! Honestly, I didn’t expect anything less than brilliant from Alexandra Potter. She’s definitely one of the author’s whose books I can’t praise enough. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get this book, buy it, lend it..even steal it if you have to (ups, I don’t really want you to get in trouble though…but you know what I mean) and READ IT! Namaste!:)


My rating: 5/5



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