Book review: Party Girl by Erin Shaw



*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Ladies and Gents! Cinderella is in town and she’s here to rock your worlds! Just like any other girl I guess I’m still after fairy tales, though I was pretty much a tomboy. Yet, I always believed in happily ever afters, in princesses who would find their prince, have his beautiful (always blond, not sure why, but I always imagined them blond) kids and so on and so on. Well, ‘Party Girl’ by Erin Shaw reminded me of those beautiful and carefree times growing up, when the only worry I had in this world was if mum would find out I was secretly trying on her shoes. 

Erin’s book is so sweet and original, and I must admit it surprised me how much I loved it. Much of the story is based on Erin’s own experience working as a party entertainer, and I always love those stories which reveal a bit about the author’s real life. The story is centered around Audrey who comes to The Big Apple to make all her dreams come true. But life is not always pink (though we’d all want it to be like that that), so she finds herself in a position to either succeed in this big, competitive city or go back home to her parents. After finding out party entertainers get well paid, she decides to take on this new venture and see where that would take her. But she’s a natural, let me tell you! She’s smart, young, talented and loves kids (and kids love her too) so these parties she attends become a huge success.

I really loved ‘Party Girl’. I felt a strong connection to Audrey and thought she is such a lovable character. She works hard, doesn’t whine, and makes one hell of a lemonade when life gives her lemons!
It’s an easy, quick and fun read yet at the same time it’s inspirational. Though sometimes our life doesn’t follow a certain path we thought it will, what really matters is we have fun walking on that path which will lead us to the place we belong. I’m sure there are many people out there who think they are on the wrong path, yet you gotta listen to that ‘little’ subtle voice inside of yourself, telling you which way to turn. And before you know it, a struggle will become fun and you’ll be leading your own show.

I can’t compare this book to any of those I’ve previously read (and I’ve read quite a few). I found the idea very original and the writing is great. It keeps you invested in the book throughout and I’m sure you won’t be bored even for a second. I really enjoyed Audrey’s adventures and am surely gonna be on a watch out for Ms. Shaw’s new books. Fantastic debut that will leave you craving for more!

My rating: 5/5



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