Book review: Love and Liability by Katie Oliver



*Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Holly James wants to be on her own. Coming from a wealthy family, she decides to leave and get a job. But being independent is not that easy at all. Chasing her dream to be a journalist, Holly gets a job at BritTEEN, a teeange magazine for celebrities. It’s a very low paid journalist job, but bills need to be paid. Interviewing the financial solicitor, she meets  the man behind the suite. Henry Barrington is very down-to-earth young man and the sparkles are in the air.

Making her dream come true, Holly writes a report for homeless people. She meets Zoe, girl at same age as hers, who lives on the street. What Holly doesn’t know, is that Zoe is running away from someone, in order to save her own life. She is on the streets for a reason.

I enjoyed reading this book. On one side, there is Holly’s story, her struggles with adult life, finding the love, chasing her dreams, coping with lousy coworkers who sabotage her work. But she always has her family who loves her and supports her. On the other side is Zoe, or Poppy, who runs for her life and has to deal with much bigger problems. Two very different characters who start a beautiful friendship.

I must say I didn’t like Henry, or Alex, much as a male character. This book is part of  Dating Mr.Darcy Series, and he is far away from Mr.Darcy (according to me). He doesn’t seem like a very strong person to me. He looks gorgeous, does some amazing things, but some are quite annoying. But that’s just me.

Overall, I enjoyed this read full of romance and action. There is so much love in the air, but also mixed with mystery, action, hiding and lots of chasing after the bad guys. It’s also very emotional at times. It’s a chick lit story with a dark side. Pink mixed with blue. Totally recommended.

My rating: 4/5


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  1. Good honest review. Well done Marina, will watch out for this 🙂

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