Guest post by Ellen Faith

Today we have the pleasure to welcome Ellen Faith to This Chick Reads. Ellen is the author of ‘The Story of Us’ and recently had a brilliant tour for her debut. Also, we’ll be reviewing her book soon so watch this space! Now Ellen, the stage is all yours and thank you so much for visiting us today!


They say you remember the things that trigger a passion inside you.

Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat triggered my love of musicals, so much so that I joined a performing arts school when I was 12. Macbeth triggered my love of Shakespeare when I was 14. Cookie Dough triggered my love of Ben and Jerrys haha

I remember vividly the book that encouraged me to start reading again, turning me into the chicklit loving bookworm that I am today, and that book was Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella. I remember my mums friend telling me how funny it was and how much I’d enjoy it if I bought it. After looking at the cover and reading the back of her book, I bought it from Waterstones that weekend.

I laughed til I cried. Seriously, I couldn’t put it down and just wanted more from this amazing author. So I bought the Shopaholic series. I signed up to find out when her new releases were out and bought them all – bit obsessive I know, please don’t judge me – I even managed to get lucky and buy a signed copy of The Undomesticated Goddess from one shop where she had done a signing and there were some that she had left for them to sell.

It was at this point that I realised just how much I loved ‘chicklit’.

For me, chicklit is about having a relaxing read where I get to laugh like a crazy lady in public, maybe have a cry if I’m feeling particularly emotional (not in public for this one!) but most of all, it’s an escape. We all know that the likeliness of the events that occur in a chicklit book happening in real life are pretty slim, but we all love a bit of romance and happy ever after right? For me, reading these books took me away to my happy place.

Right now, Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk are my go to girls, I don’t even bother to read the synopsis anymore, I just one click those babies. My new love is Alice Clayton too, I just can’t get enough.

Needless to say, my collection of books and my to be reads don’t just consist of these wonderful ladies (Fifty Shades of Grey anyone?) but they still remain my favourites. I’m so so weak for a pretty cover too. Sigh.

How about you? Are there any authors that you don’t even bother to read the synopsis for anymore because you just know whatever they write, you’ll love anyway? Do you fall for pretty covers too or is it just me that’s a sucker haha

I just want to thank the lovely Ananda now for letting me do this guest post, it’s been so much fun to write, I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings. I think I might have a reread of Can You Keep a Secret soon!






Alexandra Jones has a pretty peachy life. A gorgeous, stinking rich fiancé, her sleazy boss is retiring which means an imminent promotion in a job she loves, and she gets her best friends Jimmy Choos when she dies, although she would prefer her best friend to stick around as long as possible. Obviously.

But when a blast from the past turns up on her doorstep just as her world turns upside down, she decides to take her best friend, Rosie, up on her offer of a 10 day break in San Francisco. Whilst Rosie works on a fashion shoot and Alexandra becomes well acquainted with the photographer’s brother, it becomes clear that this trip is one that will change their lives forever.


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