Book review: Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia


*Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Actual rating 3.5/5

It usually doesn’t take me long to settle for a rating, but this particular book gave me a bit of headache. While it had great potential to be even a 5* one, there were couple of things that did trouble me. At the end, I’m rounding it to 4 stars while it’s more of a 3.5*.

It does still mean I liked it, because I really did. I don’t have a different criteria for debuts and I always try to approach a book totally unbiased, even those that are written by my fave authors. I have to admit I’ve read quite..ummm…not good debuts and every time I pick up one I get strangely nervous and a bit anxious. But good thing from reading lots of debuts is discovering new authors, fresh stories, different writing styles. So it’s a bit of challenge, but overall is a pleasant experience.

I would never tell ‘Never Google Heartbreak’ is a debut. The writing is fantastic and you can tell the author sure put all her heart into this book. The title is brilliant and the cover is stunning, and as much as everyone says those stuff don’t matter..still they are a great bonus right?

All Viv wants is to marry Rob, the love of her life. But seems every time they get close to an engagement, Rob gets cold feet. Viv is full of understanding, but the last time Rob says they need a break, she fears something else is happening. Is a new woman involved? Was he unhappy with her all this time? Why would anyone need a break from a steady, lovely relationship? She’s devastated and appears she’s not able to let go of Rob. Is Rob the right guy for her, or is there someone else waiting to give her the love and respect she deserves?

Some parts of this book were simply hilarious! I was laughing and laughing, I just couldn’t stop myself. I loved the whole idea of setting up a website to ‘heal’ and help other heartbroken people. But when it comes to the characters, I have to say as much as I wanted to LOVE Viv, I simply couldn’t. I did like her and sympathized with her (and am forever grateful to her for making me laugh so hard) yet at times all these attempts to get Rob back felt too tiring. She’s trying so damn hard and obviously he didn’t appreciate it, so those bits really annoyed me a bit.

As for the story, as much as I enjoyed it, I was surprised with some parts (not in a good way), but I wouldn’t like to spoil the book for you and I’m not gonna comment on them.

Overall it was an enjoyable and funny read, one I’d definitely recommend. I’m not sure if there’s a sequel coming (I read that some place) but if there is one, I’d definitely want to read it.

My rating: 3.5/5


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  1. Good honest review….. The kind we need more of 🙂

  2. Read this book last year, I liked it a lot, but I agree her attempts to get Rob back were tiring after so many attempts. Still a great read and loved your honest review! 🙂

  3. I’m FINALLY getting around to reading your review! I haven’t even written mine yet (must do that…) but it seems we felt pretty much the same way…right down to the star rating. I wouldn’t have guessed this was a debut either and I enjoyed the story but the characters were less than appealing. It’s been so long since I read it (I finished it late in 2013) that I can’t think of what might have negatively surprised you. I’m curious! 🙂 Thanks, once again, for reading this one. Do you think you’ll read her next book?

    • Hi Kaley, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad we agree on so many for the negative surprises, it’s just some of MC’s choices I didn’t agree with. Thanks a bunch for the copy, and I’d most definitely read Emma’s next book. She’s a very talented author.

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