Book review: The Single Girl’s To Do List by Lindsey Kelk


I’ve been feeling rather crappy lately and been under great pressure. I was looking for an easy, uplifting, funny book that will get me out of this shit mood. I have a huge TBR list and yet I found myself asking for people’s help in finding THAT book that will lift my spirits. At the end, they suggested couple of books, but I had a strong feeling I should FINALLY read this book. Being a big fan of Kelk’s I pretty much knew what to expect (which is comforting, when you know the author writes fantastic and you’re obviously gonna enjoy the book), but this book exceeded all my expectations.

First off, as much as I enjoyed The I Heart series (though I have not finished all parts) I have to admit I enjoyed this book more. It could be the fact I’m not that crazy about series’. BUT frankly, one could tell when comparing the first 2 books from I Heart series with this stand alone, that Lindsey certainly polished her writing style, got more original and grown as a writer.

Now don’t get me wrong, the books in the I Heart series are great, however in this book I liked the MC more. In my opinion, Rachel just felt more real, I could relate to her though I’m not going through the same stuff she’s going through. But she’s fantastic, I’m telling you! Now some of the parts, like the time frame in which she’s to complete her to-do list which her friends made for her, might be a bit unbelievable, I still didn’t care. She’s hilarious and so are her two besties, Emelie and Matthew. What I appreciate the most is the fact that you can see Lindsey put as much effort in creating fantastic and well developed side characters, as she did in creating the MC. Honestly, I can’t say who’s my fave of them all, they are just such a jolly bunch, each adding to the story.

The list they create for Rachel is simply hilarious, some stuff being maybe over the top. Yet, they will make you laugh out loud! I started reading it last night, went to bed and this book was the first thing on my mind when I woke up (of course after…ahem… bathroom and teeth brushing). I literally devoured it in less than 24 hours, it was that good. And the best part…It totally brightened my day, even energized me and definitely made me forget about all the stress I’ve been feeling lately. In one sentence, if you’re feeling crappy and looking for a laugh out book – THIS is the one for you! Trust me, it’s the BEST THERAPY you could get!

My rating: 4.5/5


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  1. Don’t have this… Will add to my to-get pile 🙂
    I felt the same about Rosie Blake’s How to get a love life ( badly needed something light at the time). It was just ideal.

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