Guest post by Emily Harper + INT giveaway

Today we have the honor to welcome lovely Emily Harper to This Chick Reads. Emily is the author of two novels ‘White Lies’ and ‘Checking Inn’, both of which we read, reviewed and above all LOVED. She’s fast become one of our favourite authors and we were over the moon when she agreed to visit our blog with a post and an amazing international giveaway of her latest ‘Checking Inn’. She’s currently working on her third novel and we’re already so excited for it. Now, meet Emily and make sure you enter the fab giveaway (details to be found at the end of the post).

Any time we have guests over, my son goes to the front door and puts on their shoes.  He then proceeds to walk around wearing the shoes while laughing hysterically.  It must be a two year old thing.  And even though he does it every time, we still can’t help but laugh.  It’s his party trick.

My son is your typical little boy.  He loves trucks, never sits down for more than two minutes at a time, and eats everything in sight.  If he was sitting in a room full of other little boys and someone asked me, “Who is your son?”, and I responded, “The little boy playing with the truck”, I’m sure the person would have a hard time picking out Noah.  But if I said to them, “He’s the little boy wearing his shirt backwards because he has a meltdown if you try and put it on the right way”, they would have a much easier time recognizing him.  And already, they are much more familiar with my son’s personality and who he is even though they have never actually met him.

The little details- that’s what makes a person special.  That’s how you get to know who someone really is.  When I am writing the characters in my novels I don’t worry about what they eat for breakfast.  I don’t really concern myself with what they are wearing or what sights and sounds they see on the way to work.  I concentrate on whether they have to smell the milk before they put it in their tea because for some unknown reason they are paranoid their assistant is trying to poison them.  The fact that they drink tea is not important.  The fact that they are slightly paranoid could be an interesting thing to know.

The heroines in my story are always my most important and valuable assets.  I genuinely love writing about everyday women who are both normal and yet very unique.  Because everyone is unique if you scratch past the surface.  I also concentrate on my secondary characters and make sure that I give them their own qualities that set them apart from your average stock characters.

I get asked a lot who my favourite character is in my stories, but it honestly is like picking between your children.  The heroines would be my obvious choices and I do genuinely love them, but I also love the secondary characters as well.  I adore Kate’s mother in Checking Inn, probably because she means well but usually is completely lost (someone I can relate to).  I love Hank in White Lies, mainly because he is just fabulous.  I also love the leading men- men that are very different but oh so yummy at the same time (wait until you meet Travis from My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero!).  But I think that is the most valuable asset to my books.  No man gets left behind, as they say.  I think if characters are important enough in the heroine’s life to mention, they deserve a story of their own too.

I haven’t had the privilege of writing about children yet, but I feel when the time comes to add them to a story I am going to have plenty of material to work with!

About Emily Harper:


Emily Harper has a passion for writing humorous romance stories where the heroine is not your typical damsel in distress.  Throughout her novels you will find love, laughter, and the unexpected!

Originally from England,  she currently lives in Canada with her wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, mischievous son,  and a very naughty dog.

Find Emily Harper on her site, facebook and twitter

Buy ‘White Lies’ on and

Buy ‘Checking Inn on and


Lovely Emily is giving you a chance to win a paperback copy of her latest ‘Checking Inn’. AND THE GIVEAWAY IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY! Emily is such a kind person, she didn’t want to make anyone feel left behind. So, giveaway closes on 10th of March, when we’ll pick a winner. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. If we don’t hear from them we’ll have to pick another winner. Now enter the rafflecopter and best of luck my lovelies.

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  1. Great giveaway lovelies 🙂
    I’ve heard lovely things about the book and the blurb sounds like my kind of thing xxx

  2. Want to read it because the story seems nice

  3. I loved White Lies and know that Checking Inn will be just as fabulous!

    Emily, your son sounds like a total cutie pie!

  4. ooh! Another fab int giveaway, thanks ladies!
    Really enjoyed reading this guest post and I would love love love to win a copy of “Checking Inn”. I’ve heard so many great things already about Emily’s books – and if these ladies love them.. well, could there be a higher recommendation? 😉
    Happy reading!! xx Mary

  5. Aw,sweet little thing 🙂
    Wonderful post,thank you Emily and TCR – lovely post! 🙂
    Thanks for the amazing opportunity! 🙂

    • I placed a comment before I read the question 😀
      Yes,I’m looking forward to read “Checking Inn” – I heard so many wonderful things,plus this awesome blog recommended to us,I believe in them 🙂

  6. Sheerie Franks

    Love the front cover of this book, that to me is a sign I want/need to read it. Read so many good reviews on this book it only makes me want to read it more. If unlucky it will definitely be on my TBR pile. Thank you for the chance of the give-away. Xxxxx

  7. Summer vacation here is near, I’m finding some great reads to prepare for it! This one looks like one! 🙂 thanks for this awesome giveaway! 😀

  8. Never read any books by Emily so would love this to be the first

  9. Before reading this post, I admit to not being at all familiar with Emily’s work, though I should like to rectify that situation based on what I see here. I love discovering authors who are new to me and appreciate the giveaway opportunity that might help me do just that!

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