Book review: Dancing with Paris by Juliette Sobanet

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I’m a HUGE fan of Juliette Sobanet, but I have to admit I was a bit suspicious about this book. Now it’s not that I doubt Juliette’s writing skills, just I really had no idea what a mixture of romance, historical fiction, mystery, time travel (OH LA LA) would turn out to be like. Would I enjoy it? Will it keep me turning the pages?


and YES!

All these elements fantastically interwoven plus Juliette’s magnificent writing skills make this book a real page turner. Juliette has already proven to me she’s a great chick lit author, but this time I saw a totally new side of her. I always appreciate when authors experiment with genres (though that can be bit tricky sometimes) and try to broaden their horizons. I appreciate their courage to step off the comfort zone and gain a new audience. It is a rather risky move yet very very brave.

Now if you’ve read Juliette’s earlier works you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t…WHY HAVEN’T YOU ALREADY? They are brilliant chick lits, witty and funny and you should all read them.

Now back to this review, sorry. The story follows Claudia Davis, 35 years old, single…and pregnant. After she faints in a dancing studio, she wakes up in Paris in 1959. She’s known as Ruby Kerrigan and is a glamorous star of a cabaret. And she’s got a body to die for! Cool e?
NOT! She soon finds out she’s the prime suspect in a recent murder of another dancer, whose role Ruby got. Naturally everyone suspects she has something to do with it, but Ruby has only 5 days to prove she’s not a murderer and get back to her old life in 21st century.

This is indeed a real page turner, full of twists and turns I totally couldn’t see coming. It kept me guessing till the very last page, and I loved the fast pacing. Claudia is a great character and I fell in love with her immediately, constantly rooting for her and wondering what’s gonna happen to her next.

I was afraid I won’t enjoy the time travel element, but you know what? I LOVED IT! This is a magical romance book, with mystery bits that will keep you glued to its pages till the very end. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from Juliette.

My rating: 4/5


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