Book review: The January Wish by Juliet Madison

Image*Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I’ve always been the one to say a 3* rating is not the end of the world and yet, here I am sad and almost brokenhearted for giving this book such a rating (It’s actually 3.5/5 to be more precise). I am a HUGE fan of Juliet Madison and have read all her works (except for the second one in this series ‘February or Forever’ which I will be reading soon) and I did have high expectations, naturally. Recently I read Fast Forward and undoubtedly that’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. So, after finishing it, I was dying to read the novels from the Tarrin’s Bay series. Now I know shouldn’t be comparing ‘Fast Forward’ with ‘The January Wish’ because while ‘Fast Forward’ is the typical chick lit with time travel elements, ‘The January Wish’ falls into the contemporary romance category with more drama elements. The topic is more serious and it’s deeper and more emotional book, and yet somehow I had the feeling I’m missing that WOW factor that I saw in ‘Fast Forward’.

Let me just go briefly over the plot. The story is quite an emotional one and deals with life and serious issues. Sylvia Greene, the MC in this book is a very down to earth person. But her normal and controlled life is about to change when she meets Grace, the daughter she had when she was only 16. Now as I said, this is a rather emotional book and there were parts where I seriously had to control myself not to burst in tears. Sylvia had to give up her baby because she was so young (only 16) and everyone was telling her a baby would only ruin her life. 18 years later she might be a successful doctor yet she realizes how much she misses that part of her she had to give away.

This was indeed a touchy story, yet I had some issues with it, the biggest being the MC. Sylvia is 34 years old and so am I, so it was really kind of awesome to read a book about someone who’s not in their 20’s. She has a career, so do I..and I really thought I would connect to her more. I know I’ve never been in her situation (thank god) but it was really hard to make a connection with her. It felt like she lacks some depth as a character.

The writing is good, it’s a fast read and a short one too. I also loved Tarrin’s Bay and think Juliet did an excellent job with the descriptions.

I’ll be reading the second one ‘February or Forever’ soon and already looking forward to March.

My rating: 3.5/5


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