Love Is In The Air – International Valentine’s Day Giveaway!


Hey hey lovelies, Valentine’s day will be here soon and as a thank you to all of you lovely blog readers for the support through out these months we’re doing a fantastic giveaway. And the best part is IT’S OPEN INTERNATIONALLY (to all countries The Book Depository ships for free)! We didn’t want anyone to feel left out, especially because no matter what part of the world you come from, we love you all the same! They say love is the universal language we all speak, so can you feel love is in the air? We sure can, so lots of love to you all and wish you a fantastic Valentine’s day!

So, now about the books you could win. Some of these we have already read and loved, and some are high up on our tbr lists. There will be TWO WINNERS and each will receive ONE book (PAPERBACK) from this list. Before entering, please make sure The Book Depository ships for free to your country. Giveaway ends on 14th February and once the winners are picked they will be notified via e-mail and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. In case we don’t hear from them, unfortunately we’ll have to pick another winner/s.

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Entering is easy, just follow the rafflecopter instructions and GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Love each and every one of you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. This is an aweome giveaway! Thank you so much for doing this 🙂 Good luck to me 😀 x

  2. FABULOUS GIVE-AWAY!!!! I would love to win The Love Detective by Alaxandra Potter. Stunning front cover, definitely a book that you would want to hold for real and not a kindle read. Hope all yours and Marinas valentines dreams come true Ana. Xxxxx

  3. Brill giveaway !! I would love to win the love detective x

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    fantastic book giveaway!

  5. You’re the great, chicks,thank you for this awesome giveaways.

  6. Fab giveaway girls!! Great books!! Think I’d go for the Kinsella novel (it’s been a while since I read one of her books), or maybe The Guest List / The Wish List? Ha, they all sound great!

    Don’t really have any “bad date”-stories, but I think the very first date my BF had is the most special, just because it marked “the beginning” 🙂

    Thanks for this giveaway ladies!! Fingers crossed x

  7. Hi there, great giveaway! And you actually have brilliant books on your list, but well, my reading – buddies have only good tastes in books:) Have a nice weekend you two! xxx

  8. So many fun book! I’d love the copy of The Love Detective by Alexandra Potter.

  9. Thanks for a great away, My best date was with my current partner, We just talked for 6 hours straight about everything and anything. Made me feel all lovely inside 🙂 I’d love to win Alexandra Potter – The Love Detective

  10. Awesome giveaway 😀
    I’d love to win of The Love Detective by A.Potter or The Wish List by Jane Costello 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity! 🙂

  11. Ohh all of these books are on my wishlist! Fingers crossed 🙂

  12. I never went on a date. I’d love to win a copy of The Rosie Project. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 😀

  13. Would like to win The Guest list and The Wish list

  14. Happy Love Month to everyone.. Cheers! Inhale love, exhale hate… #LoveIs ❤

  15. Great giveaway, best and only date would just be a simple trip to the cinema with my now husband 🙂 I’d love to win The Love Detective 🙂

  16. First date with my now husband magic.the love detective please.

  17. Best date was with my now-husband. It was coffee that turned into lunch that turned into afternoon coffee that turned into dinner! Would love to win I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

  18. Great giveaway! I would choose The Love Detective 🙂

  19. Would love The Rosie Project but I’m not picky 🙂
    Thanks for great INT Giveaway Missy !!!!

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    My blogger friend Ananda is doing a great book giveaway (paperbacks!) for Valentine’s Day.

  21. Fab giveaway I would pick the love Detective my best Valentines date is with my hubby watching romance movies together am so happy he loves to watch them too.

  22. Just from the title and cover I think the book I’ve Got Your Number looks like I’d enjoy reading. As for worst dates, I can’t really think of any I’ve had that was really super bad, but I did have a blind date once with a West Point Cadet and what a drag it was! Boring as you can imagine. I guess I just really like bad boys.

  23. I would love to win Take a Look at Me Now! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  24. Would love to win Take a Look at Me Now.

    Worst date was when I suggested we have a bottle of expensive red wine then clumsily poured it well over the top of date’s glass so it spilled on cloth, splashed on his plate and dripped on his shirt. Surprisingly he was kind but relationship never really went anywhere!

  25. great giveaway would love a new book to put on the book shelf (after reading it ) Thank you

  26. i would love to win the The Love Detective.

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