Book review: How to Get a (Love) Life by Rosie Blake

Image*Copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review*

I started reading this book with high expectations, whenever I would log in to twitter I’d see at least 50 tweets from people reading it/wanting to read it. I must admit, I was DYING to check it out and see what the hype is all about. I LOVE Novelicious (Rosie Blake’s publishers), LOVE Rosie’s tweets (which are hilarious!) and LOVE the cover of this book! It’s simple yet grabs your attention!
So, as you see, this book had a lot to prove to me. I remember the day I got my copy, my hands were literally shaking from all the excitement. I FINALLY HAD THIS BABY IN MY HANDS!

So now that I’ve read it I have to admit I’m slightly disappointed. NO, the book is not bad or anything, it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

The story follows Nicola Brown on her quest to find Mr Right. Now we all know this is not an easy journey for any of us, and we’ve all experienced our share of horrid (sometimes humiliating too) dates, but Nicola here is really trying to do the impossible. It was actually her friend and colleague Caroline who dares her to find a boyfriend till Valentine’s day. Nicola didn’t even think she had such a depressing love life, she actually was not even bothering with having one, but the more Caroline talked about Nicole’s not so adventurous side, the more she realized she needed to do this. So she accepts Caroline’s challenge, and though there’s only 3 months before Valentine’s day, she does her best in finding her soul mate. Some of the dates were hilarious, I did laugh out loud while reading these parts. And Nicola is really something. Very down-to-earth type of gal, OCD owner, I liked her from the very start! It was very easy to relate to her and root for her.

What I did enjoy the most was her relationship with her brother Mark, who shows up at her place WHENEVER he wants. He’s a hilarious character and each time there wads a scene with him, I was literally flipping through the pages waiting to see WHAT THE HELL he’s come up with this time. Having a brother myself (and older one too) I really loved the closeness they had, Mark trying to fix her up with his mates and stuff like that.

But unfortunately, there were some things which did bother me, hence the 3* rating. First off, I expected few more laughs, and some parts were just too difficult to understand not knowing when they are happening exactly. I had no idea how much time she has left for her quest…I don’t know, I seemed a bit lost in the plot, having no time frame of the events happening in each chapter.

The writing was interesting, yet some parts felt dragging and irrelevant to the story. However, 3* rating for a debut is NOT that bad in my book actually. I just wish I got to see more of that charm and humor Rosie as a person possesses.

My rating: 3/5


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