Book review: A Beginner’s Guide To Salad by Jennifer Joyce

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Before I start with the actual review of this book, I have a confession to make. It happens rarely that I ask an author a review copy. I do request from NetGalley, but when it comes to requesting books from authors, I guess I’m pretty old fashioned. It’s not ’cause I’m shy or anything, but I prefer being contacted by authors themselves. Could be I’m playing safe, but the truth is I assume that way these authors know already which genre I prefer and what kind of reviews I write.

BUT! When it comes to this book, I simply couldn’t resist requesting a review copy. I did try my luck in winning one over at the author’s blog, but was not fortunate enough. So what was I left..then shamelessly (but kindly) request for one. And boy oh boy was I happy and excited when I got it!

I had a strong feeling I will be able to connect with the MC and once again, my feeling proved right! I’m such a huge sucker for books with plus sized heroines. I’ve been kind of struggling with my weight too, especially now after having my second child. But I guess we all want to read stories where the MC is going through some similar experience, and after reading the blurb I knew I HAD to read this book.

First off, I’d like to point out this is a debut, but I was pleasantly surprised with the writing. It’s told from different point of views, which sometimes doesn’t work for me. But Jennifer’s writing skills are excellent and the stories didn’t feel disjointed at all. There was some repetitiveness yes, but it all worked fine in the big picture.

I was also mesmerized by the MC, Ruth which reminded me a lot of Jane Green’s Jemima J (just a happier version). It might seem childish to want to lose weight just to be all gorgeous and sexy for a high school reunion, but I could understand Ruth. She’s been through hell in her teenage years, being called names, laughed at, bullied – all because of her looks. I sympathized with her and even had my eyes teary while reading some of the things she went through at school. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen to anyone, yet I know there are many teenagers going through the same experience. And Zack! That son of a bitch who broke her heart, mocking her the worst way possible! I swear to god, I felt like slapping my kindle…he was such a bastard.

Anyway, I didn’t slap my kindle, but I did however scream – YOU MORON! Thankfully, no one was around at the time I was reading it.:)

But back to my lovely Ruth now. She’s nice, caring and living with two housemates, who are very unique and oh so different as characters. Billy and Theo, they were so much fun, though Theo was sometimes very annoying.

This was indeed a very fun journey and if I could have a BFF as in BEST FICTIONAL FRIEND Ruth would definitely make the top of that list. She’s so sweet and so well portrayed, I felt as she was next to me while reading. Telling me all about her numerous attempts to lose weight, encouraging me to maybe try one out.

I laughed out loud on some parts, I had teary eyes the next moment, but overall, this is a book that spoke to my heart and I’m so happy I read it. It’s uplifting, well written story with characters you can relate to. The romance part is built gradually and I love how things turn out in the end.

At the end of the book, the author says it was Ruth who made her start going to the gym. Well, I’m not a fan of gyms, but I did start a new diet. I think Ruth would be very proud of me.:)

My rating: 4/5


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