Book review: Everybody’s Got a Story by Heather Wardell

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Every woman dreams of spending the rest of her life with the man she loves. For Alexa, that dream became a nightmare. She thought Christophe loved her, despite being overly jelous. They got engaged and she thought she would spend the rest of her life with him. What started as a romantic date in an abandoned building, ended up as the worst nightmare you can imagine. Her fiance tortured her, abused her, raped her, tattoed her. All against her will.

Two years after, Christophe is finally sent to prison. Alexa is left with the scars, both emotional and physical. As an attempt to start her life all over again, she moves from New York to Toronto. But memories are with you whereever you go. And so are the scars. Can Alexa move on? Is she capable of trusting another man and starting a new relationship? Can Alexa trust herself?

Before I started reading this book, I thought that it was chick lit rom-com. I had no idea it was a drama full of violence. Alexa is a victim, she trusted her man, but he abused her. She desperately tries to start all over, but it is so hard to cope with it. Memories are there, not just the bad ones, but also the good ones (they did have few of those too). So, why? Why was he doing this to her? Now, it is too hard not to see Christophe in every other man, too hard not to imagine that every other one can be as bad as he was. The scars on her body make her fell ashamed of her body, make her too scared to be intimate with someone new. After two years, Christophe still rules her life, even though he is in prison. Because, the victim is never free, never forgets, never forgives. So, how to move on?

I loved Stella, the cat. Another projection of Alexa’s fears. The abandoned black cat with sparkling eyes like stars that Alexa adopted. Tortured, abandoned, just like her. But at the same a fighter, just like Alexa.

I didn’t like Howard as a character. At first, he seemed like a nice guy. He was understanding her fears and was so likeable. But some men think they know what’s best for women, but at the same time they can’t be more wrong.

Another male character is Jake. I didn’t know what to think of him at the beginning. Acused for sexual violence, at first I hated him. But people are not what they seem at the beginning, and sometimes we are the ones who make a wrong judgment.

Everybody’s Got A Story is a story about survival,about coping with the worst nightmare, a touching story of courage and moving forward. Alexa is not just a victim, she is a fighter. It takes a lot of strength to live with the consequinces after being abused so badly and so many times.

It is a very touching story and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of Ms. Wardell’s books.

My rating: 4/5


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