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Guest post: Elle Field

They say three is a magic number – well, my debut novel Kept was released last April, which was followed by Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not last October – so this year sees the release of my third book, can you believe it?

There’s a lot more going on this time round though. I was lucky enough to write my first two books when and where I wanted, but book three needs to be written alongside my day job. Admittedly, I did do the final edits alongside a day job in the end but, all-in-all, the books were pretty much there at that stage and I had no meltdowns where I wanted to burn the entire manuscript and start again! Now I have to do a magical juggling act though and balance a day job with writing a novel and having some sort of life, although the lives of my characters and their calamites will no doubt take over and become my number one priority once I start writing!

One thing I’ve investigated, which should definitely help me make the most of my day, is the local library. Now, libraries are magical places anyway – I mean, they let you take lovely books away for absolutely nothing to devour at your leisure, which is pretty spectacular when you think about it – so one thing I’m going to do is utilise the library by my day job a few times a week and get some words cranked out! The library is also just round the corner from Dr Johnson’s House so maybe at the same time I will soak up some of the genius of the man who wrote one of the most influential dictionaries in the history of the English language. Perhaps I’ll end up writing the most influential chick lit book of the decade? It’s a nice thought!

Another thing I must do, which will definitely make room for some writing time, is stop my habit… my addiction… my compulsion. You see, as a writer, I have this love of books. I find it very easy to get drawn into the worlds of other authors and I just want to binge read their book for seven hours straight until I know what’s what. OK, as far as habits go it’s certainly not the worst one to have, but if I curb my enthusiasm just a little bit then my third book will be with you lovely lot that little bit quicker!

So, what will I be working on this year in my freed up hours? There will be Lost, which is the sequel to Kept. You’ll get to find out whether Arielle gets her happily ever after now she’s back in London, plus you’ll also get to see a lot more of Ob. I know some people will be very pleased to hear this – I have a big soft spot for him, too! The other book I am hoping to release this year is The Dirtification of Tabitha-Rose – some readers might recall a character called Tabitha popping up in Kept… She is that very same character, and I can’t wait to share her story with you. Wish me luck!


About the Author

Elle Field is a twenty-something chick lit author who lives in London with her boyfriend. She enjoys exploring and photographing Blighty’s capital, seeing far too many musicals, and eating her way around London’s culinary delights.

Her debut novel Kept was released last year, which was followed by Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not. Both are available in Kindle and paperback formats. Watch out this year for the release of Kept’s sequel, Lost, as well as The Dirtification of Tabitha-Rose.


Geli Voyante’s Hot or Not blurb:

‘I think I will always be known as the Hot or Not girl, defined by it for the rest of my career. Even my tombstone will read: Angelica “Geli” Voyante, beloved trendsetter. Death? Not Hot.

Yet, it doesn’t sound right. Why won’t anyone realise that there is more to me than this fickle persona I have inadvertently become?’

Geli Voyante is bored of being the Hot or Not girl, even if it has the perk of sitting next to Theo, the newspaper’s very Hot political columnist. She’s also getting a little lonely being single.

When her arch-nemesis Tiggy Boodles gets engaged, and other loved ones start to settle down, it’s time for Geli to convince Theo that she’s not as shallow as her column suggests and, more importantly, she’s the one for him. Geli should remember though that there are always two sides to every story, and that applies to people too…


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Cover Reveal: The Guestbook by Holly Martin


Yay! It’s THE DAY! Today we’re happy and honored to be joining in with other bloggers and doing a cover reveal for Holly Martin’s The Guestbook.

The Guestbook will be published on Valentine’s Day by Carina UK. Don’t you just love the cover? We’re absolutely in love with it! And here’s the blurb:

Welcome to Willow Cottage – throw open the shutters, let in the sea breeze and make yourself completely at home. Oh, and please do leave a comment in the Guestbook!
As landlady of Willow Cottage, the young widow Annie Butterworth is always on hand with tea, sympathy or strong Norfolk cider – whatever her colourful array of guests require.  A flick through the messages in the leather-bound cottage guestbook gives a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of everyone who passes through her doors.
This includes Annie herself – especially now celebrity crime writer Oliver Black, is back in town. He might grace the covers of gossip magazines with a different glamorous supermodel draped on his arm every week, but to Annie, he’s always just been Olly, the man who Annie shared her first kiss with.
Through the pages of the Guestbook Annie and Olly, along with all the guests that arrive at the seaside retreat, struggle with love, loss, mystery, joy, happiness, guilt…and the odd spot of naked rambling!
Forget sending postcards saying ‘wish you were here’ – one visit to Willow Cottage and you’ll wish you could stay forever.

Book review: Younger, Thinner, Blonder by Sue Watson

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Tanya Travis seems to have everything. She is a Daytime TV Show star, has a gorgeous boyfriend and a designer’s kitchen. But being over 40 in show business is not easy. The TV set decides to replace her for a younger host, her boyfriend, music-star-to-be, is accused of being a father of young starlet’s unborn baby, and she loses her house. Her last chance is winning the reality show Celebrity Spa Trek where former stars are climbing the mountains in Nepal. So, how can someone like her survive in Nepal’s wild?

OMG! Tanya Travis is my new favorite character. She is so funny and always gets herself in so many ridiculous situations. Poor Tanya, always misunderstood by the paparazzi, she made me laugh out loud. One moment she has everything, a gorgeous house with a cook from Sweden, her own TV Show, a boyfriend that she loves, designer’s clothes. But do all these things really matter? So, when she loses everything, she grabs the very last chance to come back. Celebrity Spa Trek is not what she wants in life, but seems she has no choice. But, deep in the jungles of Nepal, high in the mountains, she starts to change herself. She realizes there’s more to life than designer’s shoes and dresses.

Another character that I loved is Astrid, Tanya’s cook. She has a really dirty mouth, but that’s because she learns English from the movies. Astrid is that BFF that you always need. So funny, so hilarious, so naive. I adored her.

Nathan is Tanya’s boyfriend. The tabloids say that he is just a boy-toy, that he is with her just for her money and fame.

So, reality TV fans, tabloid fans, good book fans, get ready. Climb the mountains of Nepal with Tanya Travis and don’t worry about cellulite. Having wrinkles is not the biggest problem in the world. Hope you’ll enjoy this hilarious book as much as I did.

My rating: 4.5/5


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Book review: Having a Ball by Rhoda Baxter – Blog Tour + Giveaway


When the going gets tough, the tough throw a party.

Stevie has always relied on her brother to bail her out of trouble. Now she needs to prove to him that she can be independent and mature. When she takes a job organizing a charity ball for some slightly barmy retired academics, she’s not expecting to fall in love with the rambling old house, the even more rambling family that lives there and Tom, the boss’s son. If she can make the ball a success she could show the world, and herself, that she’s her own woman. She doesn’t need anyone else. Nope. Not anyone. Not at all.

Review quotes

“Another thing that stands out with this book is the author’s obvious knack for dialogue. It’s quick, witty, descriptive and certainly packs a punch.” The Romaniacs

“A fun page turner that will pull you in from beginning to end.” 5/5,

Book buy links:


All other formats (including non-DRM PDF) from the publisher’s site

Our review

Twenty-two-years old Stevie has to grow up. She is mature enough now to live on her own and get the job of her dreams. She has always relied on her brother, her only family since their parents died. But now he is married and has a family of his own, so Stevie can’t call him in the middle of the night when she has a nightmare.

Starting the job of her dreams, Stevie has to organize a charity ball. With no money for the organization, she has to use all her skills to do this as good as she can. The lady that organizes the ball is very nice. But, there is a catch. Her son is Tom, a friend of Stevie’s brother from college. The very same guy that she embarrassed in front of when she was thirteen. She got drunk in his room and tried to seduce him.

Now, Stevie has grown up. She is responsible person and very good at her job. She makes good choices. But, Tom is so cute, would she be able to resist him?

At first I didn’t like Stevie much. It is childish (at least for me) to get mad just because you are not your brother’s number one anymore. He has a family on his own now, a family that depends on him and comes first. But, after a while I could actually see Stevie change and grow up as a character. She respects herself and knows how to gain respect from others. She shows that she is not someone’s one-night-stand and knows she deserves more. So, page after page, Stevie did grow on me. She is responsible and a totally cool person with so many creative ideas. She also can handle any situation, and I was impressed with this part of her character.

As for Tom… well he seems to be more reserved. He keeps his feelings all to himself. You can’t see that behind that arrogant look is a man who wants a house, a wife and children. Maybe, Stevie can change that.

So, overall, really enjoyed this book. I had no idea that organizing a ball can be so fun. And Stevie and Tom are such a cute couple. So, if you are looking for a light and fun read (lots of e-mail correspondence and ice cream included), then this is a book for you.

My rating: 3.5/5


About Rhoda Baxter

Rhoda Baxter started off in the South of England and pinged around the world a bit until she ended up in the North of England, where the cakes are better. Along the way she collected one husband, two kids, a bit (ahem) of extra weight and a DPhil in molecular biology. She has a day job working in intellectual property and writes contemporary romantic comedies in whatever spare time she can grab. Her first novel Patently in Lovewas shortlisted for the RNA Joan Hessayon award 2012. Her third novel will be published by Choc Lit in 2014. She can be found wittering on about science, comedy and cake on her website, Facebook and twitter.


Rhoda Baxter is giving away 2 e-copies of Patently in Love and this giveaway is open Internationally! Enter through Rafllecopter form and good luck guys!

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Book review: Everybody’s Got a Story by Heather Wardell

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Every woman dreams of spending the rest of her life with the man she loves. For Alexa, that dream became a nightmare. She thought Christophe loved her, despite being overly jelous. They got engaged and she thought she would spend the rest of her life with him. What started as a romantic date in an abandoned building, ended up as the worst nightmare you can imagine. Her fiance tortured her, abused her, raped her, tattoed her. All against her will.

Two years after, Christophe is finally sent to prison. Alexa is left with the scars, both emotional and physical. As an attempt to start her life all over again, she moves from New York to Toronto. But memories are with you whereever you go. And so are the scars. Can Alexa move on? Is she capable of trusting another man and starting a new relationship? Can Alexa trust herself?

Before I started reading this book, I thought that it was chick lit rom-com. I had no idea it was a drama full of violence. Alexa is a victim, she trusted her man, but he abused her. She desperately tries to start all over, but it is so hard to cope with it. Memories are there, not just the bad ones, but also the good ones (they did have few of those too). So, why? Why was he doing this to her? Now, it is too hard not to see Christophe in every other man, too hard not to imagine that every other one can be as bad as he was. The scars on her body make her fell ashamed of her body, make her too scared to be intimate with someone new. After two years, Christophe still rules her life, even though he is in prison. Because, the victim is never free, never forgets, never forgives. So, how to move on?

I loved Stella, the cat. Another projection of Alexa’s fears. The abandoned black cat with sparkling eyes like stars that Alexa adopted. Tortured, abandoned, just like her. But at the same a fighter, just like Alexa.

I didn’t like Howard as a character. At first, he seemed like a nice guy. He was understanding her fears and was so likeable. But some men think they know what’s best for women, but at the same time they can’t be more wrong.

Another male character is Jake. I didn’t know what to think of him at the beginning. Acused for sexual violence, at first I hated him. But people are not what they seem at the beginning, and sometimes we are the ones who make a wrong judgment.

Everybody’s Got A Story is a story about survival,about coping with the worst nightmare, a touching story of courage and moving forward. Alexa is not just a victim, she is a fighter. It takes a lot of strength to live with the consequinces after being abused so badly and so many times.

It is a very touching story and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of Ms. Wardell’s books.

My rating: 4/5


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Book review: Doubting Abbey by Samantha Tonge

Image*Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I am not a huge fan of reality TV shows, in fact I don’t watch TV that much except for kids shows which I kind of have to since I have two little ones at home.

Also, I’ve never seen Downton Abbey and this book was compared with that series. But as I’ve heard from many people who’ve also read this book, there isn’t any big connection with Downton Abbey except that both of them are set in mansions.

Originally, I was planning this book as part of the Christmas Feature on my blog, but once I started reading it, i realized it’s not a Christmassy read, despite the cover (which is gorgeous) which does have a winter-christmassy feel to it.

But still, it is an interesting read. Abbey and Gemma are best friends and flatmates. Abbey is all posh, descending from a long line of aristocrats while Gemma is a waitress with not as classy manners. One day Abbey asks Gemma to step in and cover for her on a reality show, pretending to be Abbey. Now, you say what show? Well, Abbey is supposed to take part in the TV reality show Million Dollar Mansion which is supposed to help out her family, the Croxleys, raise enough money to invest in their mansion (which is kind of falling apart). But Abbey won’t be able to make it since she’ll be away with her boyfriend helping kids in need abroad, and needs Gemma to cover her since they do resemble each other. Of course, she’ll need to dye her hair and learn how to talk all posh, but still chances are big they can actually pull this off. But no one is supposed to know about this, not even Edward, Abbey’s cousin she hasn’t seen in ages.

After hesitating for a while, Gemma accepts to step in for her friend, NOT aware of all the drama that will happen in the Croxley’s mansion. Can she pull this off and will there be any consequences if they found out?

Now hold on a sec, as an idea, I really like this whole Million Dollar Mansion TV reality. I did find it a bit silly at the beginning, but I admit it’s original. I’ve never read a book before with a TV reality in which aristocrats compete against each other, though I’ve read quite a few about TV reality shows set on different locations. So this part of the story, I really liked.

Even the idea of switching characters, Gemma pretending to be Abbey, I really enjoyed. It was funny to read about Gemma and her transformation into a noble, classy woman. I laughed out loud on few places, some things Gemma (now Abbey) was saying were just hilarious! But still, Gemma (Abbey) really didn’t grew on me as a character despite the fact I really wanted that. At times I even found her a bit annoying, but I guess that was the author’s intention. To create two very very different characters and show this transformation into a Lady. That was indeed the funniest thing about this book, so it really worked well for me. If Gemma was portrayed differently, I guess we wouldn’t be able to see that transformation so clearly.

But still, I had some issues with it. Despite being really funny and fun, it did take me longer to finish it. I really enjoyed the first half of the book, but found the second one not that amusing. And Edward’s blog…it was interesting, yet not very convincing since I really think a Lord wouldn’t be blogging about his competition. Well, at least not Edward, the way he was portrayed. It just didn’t feel right to me, but even if things like that could happen, his blog posts very really not that much fun. Totally unnecessary addition to the book if you ask me.

Overall, I did enjoy it to certain extent and would most definitely be checking out Samantha Tonge’s future books. I do have a feeling they’d get better, since this is a debut.

My rating: 3/5


Book review: White Lies by Emily Harper

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Well, well, well… Helen Fielding’s fans, Sophie Kinsella’s fans, there’s a new chick lit author ready to conquer the stage! Emily Harper might be new on the chick lit scene, but trust me, she KNOWS what readers want and what’s more important, this debut really feels like breath of fresh air.

I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since I saw the cover, which by the way I think is very chic and girly. When I was asked to review it, I couldn’t be happier. I mean, discovering new authors and brilliant fresh reads is the most interesting part of a blogger’s life.

I didn’t have any expectations, but I did have a strong feeling this will be a good chick lit read. I was close because it’s not just good, it’s FANTASTIC!

The story is centered around Natalie Flemming, an accountant in a shoe-designing company. Now Natalie is sure one of the loveliest, funniest, cutest MC I’ve read about lately. She’s just so upbeat, I could literally feel her energy bursting out of the pages.

She’s on her quest for Mr.Right and even decides to write an ad in the papers. But wait, she’s NOT desperate or whiny, so don’t you dare go that way. Once you meet Natalie you’ll see she’s one of the happiest fictional characters you’ve come across with.

But back to the story now and sorry for getting a bit distracted (it does happen when a book leaves a strong impression on me). Her company is going through some hard time and a new guy steps on the scene, Oliver, who’s supposed to get everything back on track. But the thing is, Natalie is not aware of who he is or why he’s been employed by the company. But she’s sure about one thing, he’s drop dead gorgeous and she might be a bit attracted to him. Seems both Natalie and the management of Makka (the shoe company she works for) will need to make some decisions while going through so many changes.

This is such a feel-good read, a typical summer read you’d definitely want to have on those lazy days offering you lots of laughs and fun. Natalie is a totally lovable character that will win you over from the first page. She’s like Kinsella’s Becky, but less obsessed with shopping (though she’s still mad about fashion). But there aren’t really that many references to brands (I remember only ones for Makka, which is fine considering it’s the company she works for). I’m saying this, because I’ve met many people who dislike this constant mentioning of brands in books, but in this case, you have nothing to fear my dears.

You’ll root for Natalie, you might even drool over Oliver (or the Makka shoes they design)…but anyway, you’ll devour this book in one sitting, I’m quite sure of that. It’s funny, easy read, hilarious at times, and will leave you with a big smile on your face. The romance part is brilliantly written and gradually built (which is very important for me) and each of these characters feel very real.

I wonder if the author is planning on a sequel? I’m not sure, but I do hope I get to see Natalie and Oliver once again. I loved them both THAT much!

In the mean time, I sure will be checking out Emily Harper’s new novel ‘Checking Inn’, because I’ve already heard fantastic comments. If you’re a chick lit fan or generally, looking for an easy and feel-good read that will make you relax after an exhausting day, THIS is the book for you.

My rating: 4.5/5

ImageBuy ‘White Lies’ on and

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Book review: Double Click by Lisa Becker

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

‘Double Click’ is the sequel to ‘Click’ which I read last year (read my review here) and ever since I’ve been dying to get my hands on the second book. Naturally, I was over the moon when the author kindly has offered me to read it in exchange for an honest review.

I simply couldn’t wait to start reading and see what life turn out to be for Renee, Shelley, Ashley and Mark. They are such a jolly bunch and their e-mails…boy oh boy are they funny and interesting.
Speaking of e-mails, just like the first installment, ‘Double Click’ is also written in the form of e-mail correspondence. Now this format might not work for everyone, but worked absolutely brilliant for me. Since I was already familiar with the characters I didn’t have any problem whatsoever to follow their chats. So, if you love fun chick lit you’ll devour in just couple of hours and you want to check out this series, maybe it’s wiser to start with the first part, because the plot is strongly connected to the first novel (not just the same characters).

‘Click’ is still fresh in my memory, though I’ve not read it that recently. But I really liked the story and the characters left a strong impression on me, so I didn’t need to go back to the first part to re-read it in order to continue with this one. Renee is same Renee, romantic, nice, kind. She’s very much happy and in love with her boyfriend. Ashley is on her way to become a mommy and Shelley (my favorite character) is going through a radical change. Why radical? Well if you’ve read the first part you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This is an easy and light read about friendship and love. It’s actually more about friendship, the every day things friends talk about, the history of these characters which is to say the least, very interesting since they’ve been friends for quite some time.

However, though I really enjoyed it I admit I enjoyed the first part a bit more. I mean, I love the transformation Shelley is going through (though I’d still love to consider her as a WILD THING) and I loved the fact each of these characters has grown and became more mature, but somehow I found it less funny and amusing (when compared to ‘Click’). And as happy as I am that good old Mark found a girl he’s crazy about, I really disliked her and think she’s totally unnecessary addition to the book. It seemed to me she didn’t contribute to the plot in ANY way whatsoever. But, I’m definitely not sorry for reading it because it felt really nice being with the gang once again. And I’m beyond happy to hear there will be a third part coming this year, however I still don’t know the exact date.

If you’re a fan of light hearted reads or the TV show Friends (and I know many of you are) then I certainly recommend this book to you.

My rating: 3/5


2014 Netgalley Reading Challenge


The 2014 Netgalley Reading Challenge is hosted by Ariel Avalon, and it goes from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014. The goal of this challenge is to not only to read all those books we’ve requested from NetGalley but also to review them so as to get our feedback ratio up to the recommended 80%. I went to NetGalley today and literally got depressed the moment I saw my feedback ratio is only 13.6%! I guess my fingers were faster than my brain and I always seem to forget I already have other books I’m sent for a review by authors. But I literally was over the moon the minute I saw this challenge posted by my friend Kristin @alwayswithabook who also joined this challenge. So thank you Kristin and thank you Ariel for this challenge and fingers crossed I’ll get closer to those brilliant 80% we all want.
I’m joining at the Medium level, which means I need to read and review 6-10Netgalley books in 2014. I’ll keep track of them here. I think that’s manageable, and as a matter fact I already read and reviewed one book today (feedback ratio now at 15.9%) so GO ME!:)
Now at 18.2%! This challenge is working!
1. ‘The Parisian Christmas Bake Off’ by Jenny Oliver (1/10/14) Read my review here
2. ‘Fast Forward’ by Juliet Madison (1/13/14) Guest review @ChickLibraryCat Read my review here
3. ‘Doubting Abbey’ by Samantha Tonge (1/15/14) Read my review here
4. ‘Stuck in a Downward Dog’ by Chantel Guertin (1/16/14) Read my review here
5. ‘One Hot Mama’ by Erin Cox (1/17/14) Read my review here
6. ‘The Best Thing I Never Had’ by Erin Lawless Read my review here
7. ‘The January Wish’ by Juliet Madison Read my review here
8. ‘February or Forever’ by Juliet Madison (3/18/14) Read my review here
9. ‘Take Mum Out’ by Fiona Gibson (3/20/14) Read my review here
10. ‘If this is paradise, I want my money back’ by Claudia Carroll (1/20/14) Read my review here
11. ‘Ivy Lane:Spring’ by Cathy Bramley (5/4/14) Read my review here
12. ‘Four-Leaf Clover’ by Charmaine Ross (5/17/14) Read my review here
13. ‘In the Mirror’ by Kaira Rouda (5/27/14) Read my review here
14. ‘The Breakup Doctor’ by Phoebe Fox (6/17/14) Read my review here
15.  ‘The Life You Left’ by Carmel Harrington (6/22/14) Read my review here
16. ‘The Best Thing That Never Happened To Me’ by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice (6/23/14)  Read my review here
17. ‘The Teashop on the Corner’ by Milly Johnson (6/24/14) Read my review here
18. ‘The No-Kids Club’ by Talli Roland (7/4/14) Read my review here
EDIT – As you see I finished my challenge and read/reviewed 10 books! I’m really proud of myself for raising my feedback ratio from 13.6 to 33.3&. I know it’s still far from those ideal 80% we’re all striving for, yet it’s a small victory for me and definitely a motivation to speed things up with my NG copies. I’m definitely in for the next round of this challenge which is starting soon. Many thanks to Arial Avalon for the boost!
4/2 update: 
I decided to change my level of difficulty to HARDCORE, meaning I need to review +21 NG titles. Since I already read 10, I don’t think it will be much difficult for me to read +11 more till the end of the year. Anyway, wish me luck guys!

Book review: The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

ImageSo I’ve finally read it. And I’m glad that from now on, when my friends from real life or virtual friends talk about this book, I can actually participate in the discussion. BUT I have to admit, either my expectations were really high or I wasn’t in the right mood for this book. OR (now don’t hate me for saying this) but this book is actually not as brilliant as most reviews/comments say. It could be any of this, or neither..either way, I’m glad I gave this book a fair chance and finally got it off my TBR list. Most of you with long TBR lists know the relief I’m felling for crossing this book off the list.

So I’m actually kind of surprised I’m in the minority with those who rated this book with *cough* JUST 3 stars. I know, 3 stars is not a bad rating, but I do feel a bit bad for seems all of my friends have loved it and gave it a higher rating. For me, honestly, this is an average book. I mean sure, the premise sounded really good and though I didn’t find the blurb interesting enough to make me read this book, I kept seeing it on my friends shelves and kept hearing about it…so yeah, I HAD TO check it out.

As I said, the beginning was fantastic! I mean, I was flipping through the pages late at night and kept thinking – this book definitely has the WOW factor! It seemed complex with 3 stories intertwining though these 3 characters had nothing in common (or so it appeared at the beginning). It did feel kind of weird (but in a good way) and I was dying to find the connection between them.

Cecelia seemed like one of those perfect little wives from ‘Desperate Housewives’, she’s super active in her community, she’s successful, she’s a good mother and wife everyone admires. She’s happily married and has lovely kids. ALL until that day she finds that letter her husband wrote years ago and that was hidden in the attic.

Tess is going through a rough period, and finds out she was betrayed by two of her dearest people. She decides it’s time to turn the page and make a point. For it seems she was living in someone’s shadow for quite some time.

And finally Rachel. Rachel was my favorite character I must admit, though she’s not perfect (and was not even trying to be perfect) I could connect with her despite the fact I’ve never been through her pain (Thank god!).

So, we have these 3 women and one letter, 3 stories, 3 histories, lots of sorrow, grief and guilt! But as for the connection, you’ll have to read the book to find out more about it. When said like this, perhaps it does sounds like Liane picked 3 random characters and tried to forcefully put them into one story, but believe me they are strongly connected. And it’s that connection that’s the core of the story.

But, being familiar with Liane’s writing style, I did have higher expectations for this book, not just because of the buzz around it. Those that have read What Alice Forgot know what I’m talking about. I loved that book, I was totally invested in the story and it had my interest till the very last page. With The Husband’s Secret…not so much (said mildly).

However it’s a 3 star rating so it still means I did like it to certain extent. It’s an interesting story and kept me guessing, there were few twists I didn’t see coming and though I didn’t really care for most of the characters, I loved Rachel. I really really cared about her.

I was surprised with the fact the author tried to include a bit (tiny bit) of humor in the book (though it’s quite a serious one) and in some parts that humor fitted well. Other times it felt a bit weird (again said mildly).

But it’s definitely a thought-provoking book. One that will constantly make you wonder WHAT IF? When I started reading it, I had a feeling it’s gonna be a book about infidelities and every day drama that could happen to everyone. But it’s more than that, and it sure is deeper than that.

So wrapping up, I can’t say I recommend it highly, but it was an interesting read. Sure, I disliked some parts hence the rating, but overall it was a decent read. It had mystery, drama, romance, everything I love generally. I will definitely be reading Liane’s future books, no doubt about it!

My rating: 3/5