All I Want For Christmas: Day 24 – Book review: Christmas at the Cupcake Café by Jenny Colgan

ImageFrom the very moment I laid my eyes on this book, I knew that I was gonna love it. I enjoyed reading Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe last year, so I couldn’t wait for the book two.

In Meet Me At The Cupcake Cafe, book one, we meet Issy, who starts her own bakery business from a scratch. Couple of years later, in book two, she is proud owner of a cozy and family friendly cafe that everyone adores. Issy and Austin are madly in love, taking care for Austin’s little brother who is a teenager now. But Austin gets his big chance to make a career in New York and provide a better future for his little brother. They lost their parents in a car accident and Austin gave up his dreams to take care of his younger brother. Austin likes New York, he can make a career here, his brother can attend a good school. But what about Issy? Cupcake Cafe is her baby, she made it from a scratch, she invested everything she had. Can she give up her dream job in order to be with the man she loves?

Cupcake Cafe Series are one of the best books I’ve ever read. I loved the recipes (I haven’t tried them yet) but I could almost feel the taste of all those delicious Christmas cakes and cupcakes. I layed my eyes on those mince pies. I’ve never baked mince pies, but the way they were described…it made my mouth water. 

I loved all the characters, Issy, Pearl, Caroline, Austin, Darny. I wish Issy was my best friend, I absolutely adore her. She has such a warm personality, so fragile and yet so strong at the same time. Pearl is her employee, and this time she has a chance to prove herself as a manager. Caroline, well, she is a story for herself, that one friend of yours that has the role of your consciousness. You might not always like her advices, but she’ll be there for you always and no matter what. As for Austin… I love Austin, correction, I’m in love with Austin. And Darny, well, teenagers have their own issues.

Christmas At The Cupcake Cafe is a delicious story like a cake sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar. You’ll enjoy the story and the characters as much as the recipes. Jenny Colgan will take you on a journey from London to New York with gingerbread and cherry chocolate biscuits. Enjoy! And try out some of the recipes! I sure will!

My rating: 5/5


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