All I Want For Christmas: Day 23 – Book review: Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan

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I CAN NOT BELIEVE I just recently discovered Sarah Morgan’s books.  I mean, just look at the number of books she’s written so far, and look at their ratings!!

I indeed deserve to be hit with a stick for not reading at least one of Sarah’s books before, but boy oh boy am I glad I got the chance to start with this one. ‘Sleigh Bells in the Snow’ is a FANTASTIC read! It’s a perfect festive read full of Christmas magic and an absolutely charming romance book you MUST read.

Honestly people, I adored EVERYTHING about it. From the mesmerizing setting and the wonderful vivid descriptions of Snow Crystal, to totally lovable characters you won’t be able to forget.

Kayla Green is our heroine and she’s the associate vice president of Tourism and Hospitality and she’s the typical workaholic. She stays long hours, avoiding parties and despising everything about festivities. One day she’s assigned to go to Snow Crystal Resort to help out the O’Neils with their marketing strategy. Of course, she sees this as a wonderful opportunity to get away from her company and all the Christmas madness, and spend few quiet days with her mobile and laptop…of course, working. But things start changing as soon as she meets Jackson O’Neil, who’s not only a successful businessman but also drop dead gorgeous, athletic built and crazy about skiing (and everything wintery). All of a sudden she finds herself surrounded by the very things she wanted to escape from – Christmas cheer, family and feelings.

I really had no idea I will love Kayla so much. Honestly, she seemed like a bit of a scrooge at the beginning, though later on I could totally understand her reasons for such a behavior. She’s smart, beautiful, very down-to-earth person and I loved seeing her transform in front of my eyes. Once I found out the reasons for her resentment for everything Christmassy, I totally sympathized with her, and frankly I really wished I could give her a big big hug. But what I loved the most was the chemistry between Kayla and Jackson. It’s not the typical insta-love we get to see in so many other books. Yes, the attraction is there, yet the romance part is gradually built and the romance scenes are tastefully written. But you will be able to feel the chemistry which is simply pouring out of the pages. Unbelievable, I’ve read quite a few books and yet I am simply astonished with Sarah’s skills to create such an amazing romance read. Honestly, this is not only a perfect festive book, it’s a PERFECT BOOK. Period. The characters are fantastic and well developed, the writing is consistent, fantastic from the start to the very last page. I can guarantee you, you won’t be bored even for a second.

I totally, wholeheartedly, recommend this to EVERYONE! Seriously people, you’re missing out on a fantastic read! So, what are you waiting for? Head out to amazon or any other book store and get it fast! You won’t be sorry for sure! And there will be two more parts in this series and we’ll get to see some more from O’Neils, yay! Next book is coming out in Summer and I CAN NOT WAIT!

My rating: 5/5


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  1. I want to read this book and definitely I will 😀
    Excellent review Ananda 🙂

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