All I Want For Christmas: Day 12 – Book review: Weight Till Christmas by Ruth Saberton

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

I’ve always been a sucker for books with plus sized heroines. It could be because I myself have always struggled with my weight, so it’s always really easy for me to connect with these characters.
Ellie is a saleswoman and she’s very good at her job. However, she’s not been recognized for her hard work..sadly, she thinks the reason for that is because she’s not good looking. She’s had a rather difficult year, break ups, funerals and now someone else is getting the credit (and a big promotion) for all her hard work.And there’s Sam, her fabulous colleague who’s so much fun and becomes her dieting buddy. Will Ellie’s life become better and easier if she looses those extra pounds?

It’s quite a short read so I’m really afraid I’ll spoil it for you if I say something more about the plot. However, the topic might seem fluffy but it’s rather serious. It speaks about how people can get obsessive about their looks and how the society reacts to those that are not ‘perfect’. It’s so silly to think one can be perfect, and yet here we are, most of us never pleased with the way we look, striving to be thinner, look younger…it’s a never ending cycle and oh so tiring.

I admit, there were times I wanted to give Ellie a good shake, make her realize she’s trying too damn hard. Her lack of self esteem got me damn annoyed, but I still could understand her and definitely sympathized with her. I cheered for her and hoped she’ll get her Christmas miracle, because she deserves it. I loved watching her grow and transform.

Overall, this really was an enjoyable read. I just wish it was a bit longer though. I would definitely love to see more of Ellie and Sam. I’ll be checking out Ruth’s other novels too, I’ve heard all of them are fun.

My rating: 3/5


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