All I Want For Christmas: Day 10 – Book review: Christmas at the Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond

ImageSeems Evie has it all, a new boyfriend and a chance to spend the first Christmas with him. She’s quite looking forward to it, thinking it will be so romantic. Unfortunately, she didn’t know there will be unexpected guests. First it was Ed’s brother Jake, and then her friend Amber. Things are definitely not going according to her plan and lots of drama follows.

Before I started reading this Christmas novella, I really had no Idea that this is a sequel of Lucy Diamond’s  ‘The Beach Café’,  so I wasn’t familiar with all the characters. However, this didn’t stop me from enjoying this lovely short story. I loved Evie and Ed, they seem like such a cute couple and totally made for each other. I didn’t like Ed’s brother Jake though. Now don’t get me wrong, Jake is not a bad person, but he’s a bit jealous of his brother, and this made me like him less. I admired Evie for her spirit and character, the way she solves things out.

Whenever I think of Christmas, I imagine snow. Must be because where I come from, it always snows on Christmas. So reading about a Christmas at the beach felt refreshing and totally different experience for me. And you know what, I totally loved it.

This was surely a lovely, humorous and entertaining read, perfect after a long and exhausting day. I’m definitely looking forward to reading Ms. Diamond’s other books, especially ‘The Beach Café’. Would be great to see what Evie is up to this time. Curl up with a nice cocktail and imagine you’re at the beach.

My rating: 4/5


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