All I Want For Christmas: Day 9 – Merry & Bright Blog Tour Stop

ImageFour authors of the Christmas anthology Merry & Bright answered the following question: What gift does your story’s main character want the most for Christmas?

Laura Chapman: In Twelve Drummers Drumming, newlywed Autumn Williams is married to the drummer of Rolling Mountain, a band with a number one album and a promising career. After spending the past year on a tour bus and dodging paparazzi, for Christmas she wants a peaceful vacation in the mountains with her husband.

Cindy Arora: This Christmas, Saffron Swift initially asks Santa for a pair of flannel pajamas, a soft bed, down comforter and the gift of sleeping through the holidays so she doesn’t have to think about her ex-husband and his gorgeous new girlfriend snuggling under the mistletoe. But since that’s not going to happen, she’s happy to settle for the gift of friendship, chocolate cream pie, and a little holiday magic, all of which she finds while staying at her best friends bed and breakfast: Mulberry Inn.

Isabella Louise Anderson: Lexi is a simple girl and has never been one to focus on material possessions. Traditionally, her Christmas wishes have been things along the lines of world peace and ending hunger, but this year is different. With the events that transpired with her ex, all she wants for Christmas is to be loved by a man she can trust.

Lauren Clark: My story’s main character, bakery owner PD (Patricia Dye Jordan), most wants to save her 8-year-old daughter’s faith in the magic of Christmas. After a classmate attempts to convince Ella Rae that Santa Claus isn’t real, PD–with the help of a very cute UPS man–restores her daughter’s belief that miracles, large and small, can happen during the holiday season. Along the way, PD discovers her own recipe for true love and lasting happiness.

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  1. Such a fun topic to write about – thanks for hosting us!

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