All I Want For Christmas: Day 8 – Book review: Wish Upon A Star by Trisha Ashley

18107413*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

Cally is a recipe writer living with her boyfriend, who dumps her just before she finds out that she is pregnant. When Stella is born with a heart condition, Cally’s life turns upside-down. The only thing that matters to her is her daughter Stella. One heart surgery after another, Stella grows into a very smart and beautiful four-years old girl. But there is only one surgery that can save her life and help her to survive and live a normal life, an experimental heart surgery performed only by one doctor in the USA. But Cally doesn’t have the money for it. So, she sells her apartment in London and moves in the old village of Sticklepond where her mother lives. Her friends raise a fond through a web site called Stella’s Stars, in order to collect money. And whole village joins together to save the little girl’s life.

I must confess, this is my first book by Trisha Ashley, but it certainly won’t be the last. The story is heart-warming, and literally melted my heart.

It’s a heartbreaking story about an unconditional mother’s love for her child. Cally gives up everything in her life just to save her daughter’s life. Her only wish for Christmas is to see Stella running around healthy like every normal child at that age.

And, there is Yago, who makes croquembouches in a bakery shop in the village. Love sparkles are in the air, but Stella always comes first. Love just will have to wait. Or maybe it was always there.

This surely is a lovely, festive, heart-warming story. Just what I needed for Christmas. It has cooking, recipes, friendship, love and a bit of romance. The recipes are amazing and mouth-watering. Before reading this book, I really had no idea what croquembouche is, and I had to google it.

I highly recommend ‘Wish Upon A Star’, it’s a warm, poignant read you will never forget. Well done Ms. Ashley, you’ve just earned yourself a new fan. I will definitely be checking out your other books soon.

My rating: 5/5


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  1. I finished this book a few days ago and loved it. It’s such a heart warming and ‘fuzzy’ book, I feel all warm and happy just thinking about it.

    Rosie x

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