All I Want For Christmas Day 7 with Scarlett Bailey

Today we have the pleasure and honour to welcome Scarlett Bailey on This Chick Reads.  Not only is she a fantastic writer but one of the nicest authors we had a chance to talk to on twitter and we’re literally over the moon to have her as a guest for our Christmas Feature. She recently published ‘Just For Christmas’ (links of the book at the end of the post) and we’ll be reviewing it soon, so stay tuned. The stage is your Scarlett and thank you for your visit.

All I want for Christmas is time. Spare time, time that doesn’t have to be filled with something that I have to do. Time to go and stare out of a window, or roll about in snow, or eat a great big box of chocolates whilst watching Brief Encounter in front of a fire. Modern life has just got so busy, its not just about the book writing – although I am finishing my new book ‘Four Weddings and a Baby’ out in the summer, but its also about being constantly contactable. My phone is always pinging with emails or text, and as you might have noticed I am far too much of a fan of twitter (but it is so much fun!) So my gift to myself this Christmas is going to be some downtime, every week when I can just stop look around me and appreciate life. Time when screens and phones are locked away or switched off, time to go for a walk with my lovely man, or to run about with my children, or read a really good book. Time that is just time to be and enjoy life. Because we all know that time flies, and it runs out all too quickly, so its important sometimes, just to take a little of it and make it really count as time that we will one day look back on and remember with a smile.

About Scarlett Bailey

ImageScarlett Bailey has loved writing stories since childhood, before writing her debut novel The Night Before Christmas she worked as a waitress, cinema usherette and bookseller. Passionate about old movies, Scarlett loves nothing more than spending a wet Sunday afternoon watching her favourite films back-to-back with large quantities of chocolate. Currently she lives in Hertfordshire with her dog and very large collection of beautiful shoes.

Her latest novel Just For Christmas was published by Ebury in October 2013.

Find Scarlett Bailey on facebook and twitter

Buy ‘Just For Christmas’ on and


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