All I Want For Christmas: Day 3 – Book review: Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas by Sugar Jamison

ImageDina Gregory used to be a party girl. But when she sets her eyes on her newborn son for the first time , she decides to change. Her son is now number one in her life and it is his first Christmas. Little Dash has to meet his father for the first time. But, when she goes into the home of his family, Dina finds out that Virgil Worthington Rowe is dead. He died in a ski accident. Dash lost his father before he even met him.

Benjamin Rowe lost his wife couple of years ago. He also lost his younger brother Virgil. When they were children, they lost their mother. So, now, that big old empty house is everything else but a place called home. When Dina appears at his doorstep, he thinks of her as a golddigger, but seeing Dash starts to melt his frozen heart. This little boy is his only family now and deserves to have a father, or uncle.

Christmas is near, and two very different people have to live under same roof for the love of the little boy. To make his very first Christmas very special, to give him a family.

Can Benjamin escape from his loneliness? Can this little boy and his mother help him to find the love in his heart again? Can Dina find the love of her life and follow her dreams?

Can Christmas Spirit make these three people a family?

I loved this short romantic Christmas story. I finished it within an hour. The two main characters were well described, I loved the emotional side of each one of them.  It’s a short read, but it’s worth checking it out. It’s a heart-warming story about love, life and family, a perfect short read  for these cold days. It will warm up your heart definitely.

My rating: 4/5


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