All I Want For Christmas: Day 2 – Book review: Spirits of Christmas by Nicky Wells

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

‘Spirits of Christmas’ is a fantastic novella, a short read you’ll devour in an hour or less but one that will definitely leave you wanting for more.
We all know, read and loved ‘A Christmas Carol’ and I personally have read quite a few adaptations, however I admit, this is by far the best and most interesting adaptation of a very famous Christmas story.

Jude is the Scrooge and he’s the lead singer of ‘The Blood Roses’. His arrogance and bad temper are the reasons all goes downhill for the band, they even get booed off stage and kicked out of clubs. He of course, doesn’t realize he’s the reason all band members are feeling down, he’s just so full of himself and bitter. So so bitter. You know, I really really didn’t like him at the beginning, but then again, he’s the Scrooge, noone would like his behavior.

Everything changes one night when few very awesome ghosts pay him a visit and provoke a deep change within him. They show him the good, the bad and the ugly, still he has a choice, if only he’s willing to go through the change and make few sacrifices along.

I’ve read another one by Nicky, ‘Sophie’s Turn’ which is the first part in her Rock Star Romance Trilogy and I loved it. So when I started to read this novella I was a bit worried I won’t like it because of the darker atmosphere. But I thoroughly enjoyed, it’s well written and thought-provoking. What I enjoyed the most in this modern, rock’n’roll version of A Christmas Carol is Jude’s transformation, I could feel his emotions, his anger, despair, pain.

This is indeed a perfect Christmas read, one you’ll devour in just an hour or less. Put some music and ROCK ON!

My rating: 4/5


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  1. Woohooo! Hi there, Ananada! Thank you for your thoughts on Spirits of Christmas. D’you know, I too was a little worried about the slightly darker flavour of this book while I was writing it. Then again, that is in the nature of the Christmas Carol, and I hoped that the story itself, the rock music, and the romance element would give it enough ‘ooomph’ for a fun, quick festive read. Sounds like my mission was accomplished! 🙂

    Thanks, as always, for all your support and your excitement, which is tangible through your every Tweet! It’s wonderful connecting with you, and I wish you and your readers all the very best for Christmas once again. Rock on, and spare a thought for the Scrooges of this world who have yet to find their way… 🙂 Merry Xmas!

    • Thank you for this lovely comment Nicky, it’s a fantastic read. Mission accomplished definitely and I do hope you’re already working a new novel or novella. I don’t mean to pressure you..but yeah, I kinda am I guess LOL Merry Christmas to you too lovely, it’s a real pleasure following your updates on twitter and your blog. Rock on! XXXX

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