Book review: Fast Forward by Juliet Madison

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Kelli is about to celebrate her 25-th birthday. Seems a briliant modeling career is ahead of her, and her boyfriend Grant is going to propose. Everything appears to be perfect for her. Until one day she wakes up and comes to realization she is 25 years older and even has wrinkles! Not only her appearance is changed and she seems to aged over night, but now she’s married to William and has two kids. Oh, nd she’s soon becoming a grandmother too.  What a nightmare!

What a hilarious read! I laughed so much I have the feeling my face still hurts. Finding herself in the future, Kelli has to learn to live with modern technology, like e-pad and Foogle. She can’t even shower in the modern bathroom, too many buttons. She doesn’t know what happened during the last twenty five years, and has no idea how she aged over night.

The story reminded me of that movie “Thirteen to Thirty” and I loved that movie.

Kelli is a girl who appreciates only beauty, and suddenly has to live without it. Ironically, she needs to carry on living without the things she appreciates the most in life, beauty and youth. It’s pretty challenging and not very easy for her, but that’s what made this book so funny. I not only laughed but enjoyed seeing her grow and realizing there are more important things in life. Throughout series of situations and many LOL moments, Kelli is soon to discover who really loves her for who she really is.  Can Kelli go back in time and change certain events or she is stuck in the future that is now her present? Life gives her a lesson, but will she learn from it? Is she ever going to be able to love and accept herself for who she really is?

If you knew the future, would you change the present? Would you make things different?

In a humorous way, Juliet Madison gives us a lesson about important things in life, apreciating the things we have and the people we care about. The story kept me awake late at night, it was that hard to put it down. I absolutely recommend this fabulous, funny and entertaining story to all chick lit and rom-com fans.

My rating: 5/5


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  1. Interesting book.Thank you sharing this Marina!xx

  2. I read “I Dream of Johnny” by this author and loved it.

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