Book review: The Couple on The Green by Avie Bennett

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

There’s a place in my heart that forever is free

for the person you made me, who I long to be

there is a place in my soul that forever is gold

where time has no meaning and we grow no old”


Gabriela was working in her home office. She could see the green from her window. And there on the bench there was always a couple of elderly people. Always holding their hands together. But one day they weren’t there, nor the day after. Couple of days later, Gabriela saw the woman, alone. The old man wasn’t there, they weren’t holding their hands anymore. Curiosity killed the cat, so Gabriela took two cups of hot tea and went to see the old woman, to talk to her. She wasn’t prepared for that love story that melted her heart.

Isobel and James met when they were teenagers. Soon they started dating. They were together, no matter what. They were there for each other to heal eachother’s wounds. Isobel’s father got sick and after a short period of time died. Her mother was left all alone with small children, she got a job in a different town so they had to move. The entire world crashed down for Isobel, but James was there. They were exploring the world together. They were exploring sex together. And then James started to change. He became very jellous, very angry, very nervous. He cheated. The relationship was over. Isobel left, and soon after that James was diagnosed with brain tumor. His bad attitude was a consequence of the tumor.

Did the story intrigue you?

If you think that I revealed too much, you are wrong. It is just the beginning of the story. A story of ups and downs in life, of finding true love and keeping it save from the storm. Isobel and James’ story reminded me of that beautiful love story in “Notebook”. Their love survived through years, survived many separations and reunions.  It wasn’t just story about everlasting love, it was a story for living the life,  enjoying every  single day you have.

My only complaint would be the graphic sex. I know that teenage sex is not taboo these days, nor I dislike sex scenes  in a books,  but somehow I can’t help but feel they don’t actually fit this romantic  story so well. At least that’s what I think.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I liked the author’s writing and all the characters. This is really an excellent debut, perfect for fans of Nicholas Sparks and lovely romantic (even heart-breaking) stories.

My rating: 4/5


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