I need your help

Holly Martin

breast cancerOn Friday 22nd November, Merry Chicklit, a warm, funny Christmas anthology in aid of Breast Cancer Care, will be officially released.
Every penny that isn’t being swallowed by Amazon is going to Breast Cancer Charity, Rocking the Road to a Cure.  It’s on sale for 77p, a tiny amount so to get as much money as we possibly can for the charity, I really need your help.
I know you are all insanely busy and have many other book and family commitments, but if you can feature it on your blog in the coming week that would be amazing.  If that’s not possible, if you can send out a few tweets over the next few days and especially on Friday that would be brilliant.  We need to get the word out there to as many people as we possibly can and make a real difference to those diagnosed with this awful disease.

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  1. What a fabulous idea and such a wonderful charity! Off to buy it now – thank you! Lxx

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