Jera’s Jamboree : How to stay on top and still enjoy #bookblogging

What a fab post from Carol and Sharon! Great tips for all book bloggers!

Jera's Jamboree

In response to Carol (Dizzy C’s Little Book Blog) and my collaborative post on How To Get (and keep) A Book Blogger On Your Side, we would now like to share with other bloggers strategies that have worked for us in reviewing and blog admin.

Carol says: 


Do respond to emails as soon as you have them. Often emails can be overlooked because we open them on our phones or tablet when we have a few spare minutes. These can be forgotten later.

Do flag important emails that will need more action, such as a response or to be scheduled into a post.

Do make files for each Author/Publisher that you work with. Much easier to find that email from weeks/months ago that had important information.

Do send a link back to the publisher/author when you have reviewed the book or a guest post goes live.



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  1. Thanks for re-blogging Ana.

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