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Fiction Addiction Book Tours : Tour details It’s Got to be Perfect by Haley Hill

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Book review: Bridesmaids by Jane Costello


This is surely one of the best chick lit books I’ve read this year. Imagine watching your favorite rom com, best friends over, ice cream and popcorn included – well this book is BETTER. Hell, imagine a date with Ryan Gosling (yeah, I see you drooling already). Well you know what? THIS BOOK is better than that!

Never ever would I tell this is a debut, it’s brilliant from every possible aspect.
The story is amazing and keeps your interest till the very last page. It follows Evie Hart, a 27 year old journalist who’s never been in love. Of course, she’s had few short term relationships, but she never felt those butterflies we all get when we’re in love. But that all changes one day when she’s invited to be a bridesmaid to a friends’ wedding and meets handsome Jack.

I love weddings but it’s a fact they are stressful. But what happens when you get to be a bridesmaid not to one, but three weddings? Well Evie sure handles it well, though of course not everything goes smoothly.

There are so many reasons why I loved this book. I’m gonna start with the writing style, which I absolutely LOVED. Though it’s an easy read, the short chapters made it even easier to follow. The humor just adds to it, I was laughing so hard my face still hurts. Just the thought of some of the funny situations Evie finds herself into makes me laugh again and again.

Evie is definitely memorable, she’s a character I will never forget. She’s funny, sarcastic at times, and she feels real. She’s fun and easy going, and above all she’s a darn good friend.

Which brings me to another thing – this is not just a romantic comedy, though there’s a fair share of romance in it, this is also a book about friendship. The bridesmaids, all of them, are so different yet you can’t help but love them. The bond between these girls is so strong, and they do try very hard to overcome every problem that goes their way. But of course, my favorite girl was Evie, loyal and always with a good advice for her girls.

And finally, a good rom com would be nothing without a strong, handsome, witty male character the heroine would flip over. Jack is amazing and someone that will win your hearts instantly. Not just because he’s handsome (do I seem that shallow to you?*cough*) but because he’s fun, smart, kind and you know…a gentleman. Yeah, that’s the word!

I admit some parts felt predictable, but nevertheless I enjoyed the story completely. I was surprised with the epilogue (no, I’m not gonna tell you why) but I was really happy with how things turn out in the end, not only for Evie but for all of her friends. There’s just one thing that disappointed me – Charlotte. When she was introduced in the book I swear to God I thought it would be a character I would understand the most (because of her weight problem), but some stuff happens (again, no spoilers no no no) and she really really disappointed me. But this just makes the characters more real, because whether we admit it or not, we all have flaws. And even our best friends – they have too.

I could go on and on about this book forever, but it all goes down to this – THIS IS A MUST READ! I don’t care if you’re a chick lit fan or not, this is a great book and you’re missing a lot for not reading it. I’m a pretty down-to-earth person (yes, just like Evie) and I would never ever make a fool out of myself for screaming in public (in this case the internet) but *screams* JUST READ THIS BOOK – NOOOOOOOOOW!!!

Now I’m off to another by Costello, ‘The Nearly Weds’, hip hip HOORAY!:)

My rating: 5/5


Book review: Starstruck in Seattle by Juliet Madison

Image*ARC Provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

This is not the first novella by Juliet Madison that I have read. Few weeks ago I read and reviewed ‘I Dream of Johnny‘ (Read my review here) and as you can see I really really enjoyed it. Naturally, I was thrilled to get an arc of ‘Starstruck in Seattle’ from NetGalley and I won’t lie – I had high expectations.

I’m not the biggest fan of novellas, because either
1. I strongly dislike it cause I feel the author didn’t have enough space/time to express him/herself in so little pages, or
2. I do like it so much and wish there were more pages to it, but since it’s a short read I end up frustrated saying good bye to the characters.

But Juliet Madison is a great author, and she sure CAN write interesting short reads. Even in this one, there was a lot of meat to the story (despite being really short). Don’t get me wrong, I did like it (hence the 3.5* rating), however I didn’t love it as much as I loved ‘I dream of Johnny’

The plot is centered around Anna Hilford, an aspiring actress who’s waiting for her big break on the TV screens. She’s talented and good at her job, but there’s always something lacking, right? Well, she’s had enough of being single, so she seeks the help of Lulu, a Love Guru who’s supposed to tell her who her soul mate is and when she will meet him.

About Anna..hmmmm…
Let’s get something straight, Anna is a loveable character however she’s not that memorable. As much as I love Juliet Madison’s writing style, I think she definitely could have created a stronger or more memorable leading character.

However, the romance part was great and I love how things turned up in the end. Speaking about the ending, I swear to God I had no idea things will go that way. (Sorry, not gonna spoil it for you, you’ll have to read for yourself to find out). But I’m just gonna say, if you love HEAs I think you will definitely be pleased and I’m 100% sure you will enjoy it.

Sometimes you wish for that other half so much, and yet it seems like you will never find it. And sometimes life has unexpected turn of events and a different plan for you. But magic happens only to those who believe, so tell me now…Do you believe in Magic?

This sure is a sweet and enjoyable read, and a short one too. So I really don’t see a reason for not checking it out. Especially if you’re a fan of romance and HEAs.

My rating: 3.5/5


Book review: Three Way by Daniel Grant

Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

When I got this book for review I was so trilled. After ‘Sex Lessons’ (author’s debut novel), I couldn’t wait for the second book to be out.

So, here is the plot: Ollie Hayward shares apartment with his best friend from childhood, Parker. Also just broke up with the love of his life-Svetla.  After couple of months suffering for his lost love he meets Lauren. At the same time, an old friend of his, Ashley, moves into the apartment.  So, there are three women in his life and he feels torn between them.

I liked Ollie a lot. He is so clumsy and has such a good soul.  There are always some silly situations that can happen only to him. I don’t want to reveal the interesting stuff, but, who falls asleep on the nearest hobo? Don’t answer that.  Also, he works as a news producer and makes interviews with important people. But only Ollie can make that mistake to spread in the air the moment when the Prime Minister says “shit”.

I also liked his flatmate Parker. He is a writer-to-be with very unique ideas in his mind. I was thrilled that his bestselling book is going to be translated in Macedonian. His character reminded me of Spike from Notting Hill movie. Do you remember Spike, William’s flatmate?

The women in the book weren’t that interesting. Svetla was cheating Ollie, left him, then wanted to come back to him. The relationship with Lauren was always on-off, and Ashley was his BFF since childhood. But there was nothing interesting about any of them.

I liked the book, it had some really great moments, but unfortunately it didn’t make me laugh so hard as ‘Sex Lessons’ did. I mean, the book is funny and entertaining, but less funny than the previous one.  Overall, I did enjoy reading it.  Will Ollie choose the right path in his love life? Well, you’ll have to read the book.

My rating: 3.5/5


Book review: Desperately Seeking Heaven by Jill Steeples


*ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I actually thought of reviewing this book on Friday 13th, but that would’ve been weird in a way. WHY?
Well, the story in this book starts on the very Friday 13th, when Alice Fletcher finds herself in quite a strange situation. While driving, she sees a wrecked car by the road, and an absolutely gorgeous stranger next to it. Could it be she escaped a car accident just in few seconds? Why is this gorgeous man not calling the police? And why does he seem so familiar to her?
Very soon after exchanging few lines with him, she discovers what exactly happened to him and where she has seen this handsome guy before.
Jimmy Mack is a celebrity, a famous TV presenter admired by everyone in the UK. Alice still can’t believe how on earth it is possible that their paths can cross, especially in this strange situation.
But soon she finds out that Jimmy passed away in the accident and she’s actually talking to (and seeing..eekkk) a ghost.

So, what’s Alice’s role in all of this? She’s the one that’s supposed to help him cross over.

This really was an interesting read.Despite the paranormal aspects present, I wouldn’t classify it as paranormal or paranormal romance. The plot was somewhat original, at least from my POV, but it really reminded me of Sophie Kinsella’s ‘Twenties Girl’, because of the ghost part of course.
For the most part, I really enjoyed the book. It’s an easy read and there were some very cute romance scenes. However, I had some issues with it.

But, I’m gonna start with the things I liked. The characters – I liked Alice (liked – not loved), though at times I really couldn’t figure her out. Her reactions sometimes were just so unbelievable and I was constantly asking myself – would any person on earth react like this??
But Jimmy – ahhh, Jimmy is AH-MAZING. I don’t usually drool over book characters, but Jimmy won my heart. I even tweeted to Ms. Steeples saying if there were more men like him in real life, the world would be a better place. You see, Jimmy might seem even too good to be true, but who cares, I loved him nevertheless. He’s sweet, gentle, a true gentleman who respects women.

There’s a twist by the end of the book, that took me completely by surprise, and I’m not gonna lie – I expected a different ending. I’m not saying that the ending is bad, it’s just I definitely didn’t expect that turn of events.

There were some lines in the book, that almost brought tears in my eyes, they were that emotional. But it’s not a sad book, don’t worry.

And now for the dislikes: The pacing is way too slow for my taste. I wish there was more going on in the book, or maybe if there were more twists or characters introduced..I don’t know, but at times the book seemed too slow.

The paranormal aspect – as much as I enjoyed it, I didn’t buy some of the stuff. Like, Alice is the only one who can see Jimmy, ok I get that. But then, she’s talking to him and even dancing with him, and no one around her finds that strange? I really don’t buy this!

Listen, it could be some error of which Ms. Steeples was not aware of before publishing, or maybe I misunderstood some parts, but I think that these scenes needed to be ‘polished’ a bit, because some (if not all) readers will find them hard to believe. The romance seemed also very strange, very unrealistic. Yes, I know falling in love with a ghost IS unrealistic, but still, I didn’t get those love vibes from Alice. I didn’t ‘feel’ she’s madly in love with Jimmy, though she says so.

Overall and despite the remarks I just mentioned, this was a cute and easy read. If you’re a fan of chick lit I definitely advise you to check it out. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, so do comment.

My rating: 3.5/5


Book review: Year of the Chick (Year of the Chick #1) by Romi Moondi


I know this might not be the best way to start a review, but I just couldn’t help myself. Romi is awesome, trust me. Oh and by the way, there’s Romi-the author and Romi-the main character in the book. So silly yet so sweet to name the main character after yourself, but both Romi and Romes are awesome!

It’s really been a while since I devoured a book! Once I started reading this book I just couldn’t put it down, but I had to (unfortunately) on few occasions, like when I would go to sleep.

This isn’t just a sweet story about a girl looking for her Mr. Perfect! It’s not only a girl’s quest for THE ONE, it’s a funny, romantic, sweet story about a normal girl with big heart and even bigger wishes. I’m not going to tell you anything about the plot, since you already can read bits from the blurb (and maybe some reviewers have already done that), but I will tell you about why I find this book so fascinating (oh, and of course I will point out the parts I didn’t like that much).

Let me tell you, I know nothing about Indian Tradition, and I’m not gonna judge anyone, I will just say..arranged marriages suck, and they are totally NOT acceptable in the 21 century (no matter the country). Romi’s parents are very traditional and at times they really irritated me, baring in mind Romi is 27/28 years old and she can’t tell them to F*** off (politely, of course). They have million complaints about everything and anything, from Romi’s weight to her sister’s tan. Their greatest wish is to marry their girl’s with good Indian boys, but for Romi, this is her biggest nightmare. At times I had even hard time understanding Romi herself, like the times she seemed so desperate, like she was looking for a savior (not only a man she will love). Also, it seemed to me she dislikes everything about her origin, from music, movies, to spicy food..Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t seem bitter about where she comes from, but she surely didn’t seem all that proud to me. But then again, this review is absolutely my POV, so I might be mistaken. Ok, moving on.

The story seems realistic and so do the characters. They are normal people, with normal looks (thank God, I’m getting sick of all the barbie dolls and ken’s in chick lit) and they do have flaws. But it’s their flaws (that might even irritate you at times) that will make you love them at the end. I especially loved Romi and Laura, they are just so well developed as characters it felt like they’re my friends from the real world and I really know them. As the author would put it, they felt almost “three dimensional”.

Romi is sweet, confused, fun, over-obsessed with men at times, but she kind of grew on me and the more I read, the more I liked her. Some of her statements were just hilarious, she’ll make you LOL for sure. She has awesome friends that support her, love her and advise her (I so envied her on this), but at the same time she’s also a super friend. It really was fun reading about their night’s out, their hangovers and the girlie chit-chat.

As for the male characters in this book, there really aren’t that many. Of course James is the leading star, and as cute and handsome he might appear, I didn’t like him as much as I liked Romi.

Wrapping up *cough* finally:) I really really enjoyed “Year of the Chick” and can’t wait to read the sequel. I got this as a freebie on Amazon (not sure if it’s free currently though) but get it anyway! It’s totally worth your time.

Review originally posted on Goodreads

My rating: 4/5