Book review: Wedding Hells (The Dr Pepper Prophecies 0.5) by Jennifer Gilby Roberts


This was such a hilarious read! It’s the prequel to The Dr Pepper Prophecies, which I haven’t read YET but hopefully will soon. I’m not gonna write a long review, because I was never good at writing reviews about novellas…don’t could be because I’m afraid my review would be longer than the book itself. OR maybe I’m just too lazy sometimes…yeah it could be that.
Well anyway, I decided to review this one mostly because I think that despite the fact that I had a long and depressing day reading some scientific stuff for work earlier and I don’t feel very eloquent right now, this book DOES deserve all of my efforts. A chick lit lover’s gotta do, what a chick lit lover’s gotta do, right? And that would be – share with the world the joy of discovering a great new chick lit author and book.

So, of course I enjoyed this novella. If I should describe it by using only one word, I would probably say HILARIOUS! The MC, Mel is really something. She’s everything a chick lit heroine should be, funny, smart…and dumped sarcastic. She’s the black sheep in the family, so it was easy to connect with her. Not that I am the black sheep in the family, *coughs* but still I felt her so close to my heart.

This really was an easy and enjoyable read. And I’m so so thankful to the author for making me laugh so hard. I absolutely love her writing style and the humor so I’m definitely checking her other book soon.
Ok, it’s been a loooong and exhausting day for me, so I’m gonna end my review here. All I can say is that you really need to check this one out. Like really REALLY check it out.

My rating: 4/5


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